Target with ‘Deal Day’ and eBay is up with ‘Crash sale’ to deal with Amazon’s Prime Day 2019

Amazon Prime Day 2019

Amazon, the eCommerce giant announced that the Prime Day 2019 will run for 2 days starting from 15th July pacific standard time. For those who don’t know about Prime Day. It’s a day during which Amazon’s Prime members are eligible for getting Black Friday like discounts on a few items for shopping on Amazon. It …

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A Worth Purchase of Model of Used Car

Why do people prefer to choose a used car? Utilizing the old and purchasing an old piece or any product are again setting the trend. Similarly, people are thinking to buy used cars to serve the purpose. The option of purchasing a used car opens the option to a section of people. Yes, during the …

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SpaceMax is new addition to Samsung’s side-by-side refrigerator series

Samsung launches new SpaceMax series refrigerators

Samsung has recently launched its new SpaceMax series of side-by-side refrigerators in India which are focused primarily on spatial efficiency while providing consumers with a variety of other features. These refrigerators have the goal of storing a vast amount of food and drinks into a storage space without increasing the size of the refrigerators all …

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BlackBerry To Make its End-to-End Encrypted Enterprise Messenger (BBMe) Available to Public

BBM Enterprise announced to go public

BlackBerry announced today that it has plans to make its BlackBerry Messenger Enterprise (BBMe) available to the public around the globe. This decision came in light of the fact that Emtek, the global security software company, has decided to discontinue the BBM Consumer service, which it offers to consumers around the globe, starting May 31st, …

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Research: Does an Instant Pot Kill All Bacteria?

Instant Pot found to sterilise all bacteria

Dakota State University student Vaille Swenson recently conducted research upon the Instant Pot and came up with the conclusion that the Instant Pot is quite effective at sterilizing all bacteria including the toughest survivors of the lot. So much so, that it’s disinfecting properties can be compared to that of an autoclave, a scientific tool …

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