10 Biotechnology Companies That Rule in the United States

Doesn’t matter if you want to invest into these US based biotechnology companies or want to work for them. If your query has anything to do with the best biotechnology companies in the US region, then believe it or not, you are at the right place! In this article, I’ve not only listed the 10 best companies, but I’ve also listed other interesting details such as projects they’ve worked on, upcoming projects and other details which can help you learn more about them!

It is said by stock market experts that the Biotechnology field is one of the safest. But I think that they are not just safe, but they also have huge potential. Imagine, the company working on a formula which could solve a serious disease such as cancer? Well, not only will it save lives, but people would spend huge on such medicines and that could be a boom time for the people who hold stocks of such companies or work there.

Do you acknowledge the potential of Biotechnology? It has opened up the gateways to extreme possibilities. The ideas that were only a small fragmentation of our minds are possible to manifest due to the advancements in Biotechnology.

Over time, with technology, many diseases evolved, which challenge the existence of our kind. The spectrum is highly untapped. However, some bio-pharmaceutical companies were diligent in entering the world of the unknown.

Since then, these companies have come a long way and evolved to be one of the well-established organizations around the globe. Their bold actions and willingness to explore and discover the treatment for some of the grotesque conditions, have led them to become the top 10 companies leading biotech.

1. Gilead Sciences

  • Founded Year: 1987
  • Founder Name: Michael L. Riordan
  • Area of Specialization: Antiviral Drugs
  • Headquarters: Foster City, California, United States

Gilead Sciences exists since 1987 in the heart of Foster City as one of the prominent Biotechnology companies. It specializes in antiviral drugs concerning life-threatening diseases like Hepatitis B and C, HIV AIDS, and Influenza. The company is also a member of the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index. Both are related to the security-related stock index for Pharmaceuticals or Biotechnological companies.

The two flagship products of the company are Sovaldi and Harvoni. These two were engineered to fight against the hepatitis C viruses successfully. The popularity of the drugs led the company to gain 4th rank in Forbes rank for exceptional growth in market capitalization. It has merged with some of the most potential companies over the years.

However, There have been controversies regarding the pricing of the drugs of the company. Although the cases did not bear any result, the company significantly dropped the rate of their drugs.

In countries like India, licensed companies of Gilead Sciences provided the drug in the range of USD 4. The company holds the strength of over 10,000 employees spread worldwide. While the company attained total equity of around 21 billion, it has a revenue going into losses of equal value.

There are changes in the revoking patent and contracts if there is a lack of substantial discovery in the upcoming years. It also faces several backlashes from the criticism. However, the company stands strong and plans on making groundbreaking discoveries in the field of HIV. If the research bears fruits, the company may manage to survive in the US, as its branching units are doing fine with decent capital income.

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2. Amgen

  • Founded Year: 1980
  • Founder Name: George B. Rathmann
  • Area of Specialization: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
  • Headquarters: Newbury Park, California, U.S.

Amgen is a biopharmaceutical company that has flourished since its foundation in 1980 by George B. Rathmann. The company specializes in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, which led to the discovery of several useful products over the years. Its products are used to prevent infection and other unwanted abnormalities during the treatment of severe conditions like cancers. The discovery of Epogen drug has brought the company into the competition amongst the giants of the industry. 

Epogen was primarily discovered for the treatment of Anemia for critical kidney failure. However, its potential led it to receive approval for curing anemia in the candidates who undergo chemotherapies, or HIV aids treatment. Their Neupogen became the second prominent product which helped in preventing infections in the patients with the weakened immune system after treatment. Thus, Neulasta, a better and improved immunostimulator, came in the light.

Much like other big names on the list, the company also got under the fire of controversies. There have been whistleblower cases to which Amgen pled guilty. It delivered compensation. However, there haven’t been many solid cases or controversies regarding the company. Its news and information usually revolve around the discovery of some new form of treatment or drug.

 It showcases the impeccable excellence of over 21,000 employees of Amgen. There have been successive series of products from the company and featured in several popular magazines like Fortune 500. From arthritis to tumors, the company deliberately laid its foundation for the integration of various drugs. The company has a remarkable revenue of around 24 billion, with equities reaching about $30 billion. Much like other companies on the list, it has undergone some significant mergers.

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3. Celgene

  • Founded Year: 1986
  • Founder Name: Sol J. Barer
  • Area of Specialization: Cancer and Inflammation Diseases
  • Headquarters: Summit, New Jersey, U.S.

Celgene started in 1986 by the founder Sol J. Barer with specialization regarding Cancer treatment and other inflammatory diseases. However, the company consistently works on improving human lifestyles by presenting innovative treatments to fight diseases. It grew popular due to the out of the box thinking capabilities. The community or organizational standards do not restrict the personnel of Celgene. 

One such example is incorporating thalidomide in the treatment for cancer patients, which flourished. Hence, it shows their fearless approach and the ‘stop at no cost’ mindset. Several social figures have also passed commendable remarks regarding the endeavors of the company. The company has received several awards and commendations for exceptional services over the years. 

It does not hesitate to help those in need, not words, but the actions are evident. One of the feats includes continuous services to the patients and families on the east coast after Hurricane Sandy. The employees of the company worked to make sure nobody was left unchecked. Revlimid is the flagship product of the company. It is a treatment available for multiple myeloma, a rare blood cancer disease.

There are several other products available in the market. Showcasing human well-being over anything else, the company has also developed medication for ADHD in children. Furthermore, treatment for conditions like Leukemia was also made available. Despite its contributions, the company fell prey to allegations and claims over the years. It is very normal for such gigantic companies. 

Emerging victorious, the company has a revenue of 13.5 billion, with a workforce of over 7,500 employees backing its trustworthy and reliable foundation. Currently, its headquarters is located at Summit, New Jersey, in the United States of America. 

4. Biogen

  • Founded Year: 1978
  • Founder Name: Kenneth Murray, Philip Allen Sharp, Walter Gilbert, Heinz Schaller, Charles Weissmann
  • Area of Specialization: Neuroscience
  • Headquarters: Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.

The company is primarily known for its specialty regarding neurodegenerative diseases. But it has expanded its horizons to other aspects like hematologic and autoimmune diseases. It is a multinational company, prospering since 1978 with headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S. With several major mergers with companies, it is one of the larget companies. It is successfully enlisted in many stock index groups over the years.

Biogen has rolled out several products over the years. Hemophilia A and B, sclerosis, psoriasis, and leukemia are some of the known conditions the products work on. From relapsing to the prevention of bleeding, these drugs have made the lives easier for people. The company is also consistently partnering with other companies on vital projects.

It partnered with Samsung for Samsung Bioepis. The project accumulates the resources and specialization of the two companies in their respective fields to enter the field of biosimilars. There are other ventures with companies like Eisai Inc. regarding the treatment of Alzheimer’s. There have been some successful reports which may potentially reduce the speed of the disease. 

There has been a separate spin-off of the company completely focused on Hemophilia in May 2016. The company is proudly known as Bioverativ. Its overall growth and profit have also assured the name of the Fortune 500 companies. Thus, it reflects the exceptional proficiency of the professionals the company is working with.

The founding party is full of brilliant scientists and experts in their field who won awards for their contributions. Their impact reflects on the integrity and stature of the company. It encompasses the potential of around 7,500 employees and revenue closing 13 billion. 

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5. Regeneron

  • Founded Year: 1988
  • Founder Name: Leonard Schleifer and scientist George Yancopoulos
  • Area of Specialization: Drug and Treatment development for various diseases
  • Headquarters: Eastview, New York, U.S.

Leonard Schleifer and George Yacopoulos founded Regeneron with the intention of studies of neurotrophic factors and their regenerative capabilities. Since its establishment in 1988, the company has developed several drugs and treatments with the help of its excellence in the regenerative field, hence the name of the company Regeneron. The company has branched out to dig into the other spectrum of the aspects like cytokine and tyrosine kinase receptors.

Aflibercept was the first drug that came in the light. It was primarily used to cure wet macular degeneration. It was a VEGF inhibitor that is a protein-related to the growth and development of blood vessels. In 2012, there was news of the development of a drug that would reduce the cholesterol levels in a person by up to 72%. Other successful products include Eylea, which is to cure blindness due to aging. Dupixient for atopic dermatitis is also a popular product of the company. 

Compared to other humongous companies on the list, it has a revenue of 5.8 billion but an employee strength of over 6,200. It is successfully on the list due to a lack of controversies and lawsuits against the company. Furthermore, the company has done a remarkable job in the discovery of various drugs for the treatment of rare diseases. Their technology and two different methods also make them unique and stand them out from their competitors. 

The company has also shown a drastic increase in growth during recent years, since 2012. Hence, its potential finalizes its name among the list of the top biopharmaceutical companies. Currently, the headquarters of the company is situated in Eastview, New York, the heart of the USA. 

6. Alexion

  • Founded Year: 1992
  • Founder Name: Leonard Bell and Stephen Squinto
  • Area of Specialization: Drug Development and Autoimmune Disease
  • Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.

Alexion was established in 1992 as an American pharmaceutical company. It specializes in research regarding the immune system and autoimmune diseases. Their development of specialty drugs has put them apart from the competition. It is now a global biopharmaceutical company with its branches all around the world.

The company is primarily known for the development of Soliris drug. It is a worldwide approved drug around several nations used for treating atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome and paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria. Strensiq was the second production targeting a metabolic disorder, hypophosphatasia. Kanuma was the third drug that fights lysosomal acid lipase deficiency, a disease that builds fatty acids in the bloodstream, veins, and organs.

These contributions to the development of drugs for rare diseases have put the company into a prestigious position. Apart from the above three, there are six other projects under research and development. The studies and research are regarding several rare diseases or disorders like molybdenum cofactor deficiency Type A in newborns. The company continuously strives to discover innovative medical therapies for patients all around the world.

The company has been a target for many other competitors. It also retains grounds for several controversies regarding the Soliris drug. Although the company is striving to achieve treatment options for other untouched diseases, it would still require to maintain profits to be in the business. Thus, the allegations and controversies were proven to be false. 

Alexion houses over 2,500 employees worldwide. There are several other facilities under the company, like manufacturing units in Smithfield and translational medicinal facilities in Cambridge. It shows their deliberate expansion to conveniently reach patients all around the globe. With a revenue of over 3.5 billion, the company stands strong with a new headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. 

7. Vertex

  • Founded Year: 1989
  • Founder Name: Joshua Boger and Kevin J. Kinsella
  • Area of Specialization: Medicine Manufacturing
  • Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.

Vertex was founded by Joshua Boger and Kevin J. Kinsella in 1989. The company primarily focused on viral infections, autoimmune diseases, and cancer treatment. Later, it expends to genetical conditions and other spectra of the bioengineering fields. The company is awarded several times for its contributions to the medical field.

There have been countless product developments from the company. The oral treatment for hepatitis C, telaprevir, is a popular product. However, Ivacaftor became the flagship product of the company. It was developed to treat the underlying causes of cystic fibrosis. 

The company invested in exploring the potential of the drug and made other variations of the drugs available. Lumacaftor and Tezacraftor were the results. These drugs broke the age-restriction of the original medicine, to be available for the masses above the age of 12. For a while, the company provided the drug for free.

The triple combination treatment also came under the light. It was a new CFTR in combination with the two flagship medicines. The results were successful, with benefits to 90% of Cystic fibrosis patients. It opened a doorway for them to treat mutations.

Due to their success in the genetic branch of the individuals, the company started to focus on exploring more possibilities. They established research and development teams working on modifying genetics — intending to provide treatments for several genetic diseases and disorders. 

Vertex Pharmaceutical owns three research facilities in San Diego, California, and Milton Park, Oxford, England. It has a revenue of $3 billion, with over 2,000 employees worldwide. The company has featured among the top 15 best-performing companies on Standard and Poo’s 500. Its use of rational drug design also makes it stand out from its competitor companies.

8. Illumina

  • Founded Year: 1998
  • Founder Name: David Walt, Larry Bock, John Stuelpnagel, Anthony Czarnik, and Mark Chee
  • Area of Specialization: Development for Genetics and Genomes
  • Headquarters: San Diego, California, U.S.

With headquarters in San Diego, California, the American company started in April 1998 as a developer and manufacturer of analytical machinery for Genetics and biological aspects. One of the most remarkable feats Illumina achieved was reducing the cost of sequencing the human genome from 1 million to 1,000 USD. The company consistently works in researching various fields like reproduction, agriculture, science, and the flagship research of genomes. 

The company strongly believes in the potential of genetic engineering. By tapping into the genomes, they can potentially increase the chances to cure several underlying diseases. Uncurable conditions like Cancer and others should be in the grasp of humanity. The company is known for introducing DNA Sequencing into the industry.

Their machinery is state of the art with clients all around the globe. Several genetic research centers, academics, and pharmaceutical companies integrate Illumina’s innovation in their facilities. Their contributions include the expansion of analysis of genomic sequences, which provides for protein analysis, gene expression, and SNP genotyping. The company has established a branch named Grail.

Grail focuses on blood tests for cancer tumors. It has grand investors like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos in their projects. Thus, ensuring the authenticity of the company and sending a powerful message to the world. The company completely utilize each product of Illumina for their testing and analysis and plan to discover exceptional breakthrough. 

The company has a revenue of 3.33 billion, with operating income touching the $1 billion milestone in upcoming years. It employs a qualitative workforce of over 7,500 employees worldwide. The company is prominent in the field of genome-sequencing, with over 70% of dominance in machinery used by the research facilities.

9. BioMarin

  • Founded Year: 1997
  • Founder Name: Christopher Starr and Grant W. Denison Jr.
  • Area of Specialization: Enzymes Replacement Therapies
  • Headquarters: San Rafael, California, U.S.

BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. is an American company with dominion spread across the world in the regions of the United States, South America, Asia, and Europe. It is prominently known for the specialization in the Enzymes Replacement Therapies. A procedure used to replace a deficient enzyme in the patient’s body. Christopher Starr and Grant W. Denison Junior were the founding members of the BioMarin.

The company has six orphan drugs in the market: Kuvan, Naglazyme, Firdapse, Vimizim, and Brinuera. The various drugs target some of the rare forms of diseases and conditions like phenylketonuria, mucopolysaccharidosis type VI, and Batten Disease, and so on. There are several other projects under development and awaiting approval. One such product is Valoctocogene Roxaparvove for the treatment of Haemophilia A by replacing the factor VIII’s function in the system of the human body.

Their successive research bore fruits in the form of the first therapeutics for phenylketonuria, also known as PKU. They have also developed the primary treatment for mucopolysaccharidosis type 1, popularly known as Aludrazyme. Thus, with succession, the company seeks to discover new methodologies and research for several other medications. They have made commendable contributions to the diabetic society, as well.

BioMarin has consistently expanded its horizons to several fields for contributions. It acquired several research facilities and companies over the years. They focused on areas for the treatment of glycan metabolism, neurological disorders, and genetically defined cancers. There have been several controversies surrounding the company with credible lawsuits.

However, the company emerged victoriously and still thrives. These suits and controversies further reinforced the image of the company. With a little blowback, the company has a revenue of over 1.3 billion, with around 2,600 employees. It is growing exponentially, with total equity falling approximately 3 billion.

10. Agilent

  • Founded Year: 1999
  • Founder Name: Hewlett-Packard 
  • Area of Specialization: Analytical Instruments, Software, Lab Management, and Supplies
  • Headquarters: Santa Clara, California, U.S.

Agilent is popularly known as a spin-off or the child company of HP (Hewlett Packard) founded in 1999. At the time, the company grew in popularity due to its record in the Public Investment in the year 2000 with the worth of over $2 billion. It was established with the sheer intention of contributions in medical research and developments. The company has managed to retain its image as a provider of equipment about research and analysis.

Agilent managed to branch out to other aspects like food, environment, chemicals, and energy production. The company concerns itself with the machine and equipment department compared to others on the list. It covers every possible aspect of the scientific, medical, and research developments. Most of the products focus on providing precise analysis of the subjects and accurate readings. 

Agilent provides Automation, FISH probes, and other essential components to significant manufacturing companies around the globe. It dominates the innovative approach and scientific brilliance for the production of state of the art facilities. Not only focusing on the performance but also the economic value, it has grown remarkably over the years. The company has the following divisions: CrossLab Group, Diagnostic and Genomic Group, Life Science, and Applied Markets Group. 

It has also stepped into the world of electronics for testing and measurement. Agilent has acquired an incredible workforce of over 13,500 by the year 2019 and revenue touching $3 billion. The total equity of the company has surpassed the $5 billion standards. There are countless buildings with four in San Fransisco Bay and seven in China. It has also stepped into European territories like Germany, UK, and Denmark. 

The Verdict

Backed up by decades of research, these companies have stepped into the world of rare diseases and conditions. Each one awarded significantly for their contributions in the field of biotech and medical science. Their bold moves have resulted in the provision of treatment of several unknown and underlying diseases.

Despite the controversies surrounding them, they have acquired a prosperous stage. With the objective of human well-being for the longevity of life, they diligently work to deliver the best results to the public. Due to the consistent progress of these companies, we may discover a cure to conditions like cancer and other unknown and fatal problem. 

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