SpaceMax is new addition to Samsung’s side-by-side refrigerator series

Samsung has recently launched its new SpaceMax series of side-by-side refrigerators in India which are focused primarily on spatial efficiency while providing consumers with a variety of other features. These refrigerators have the goal of storing a vast amount of food and drinks into a storage space without increasing the size of the refrigerators all the while providing the end user with helpful features.

For starters, the refrigerator uses the SpaceMax technology which is basically providing the refrigerator with very powerful, yet thin insulation. This means that the walls of the refrigerator are significantly thinner while being able to keep more of the cold air insulated from the ambient hotter air. This gives the consumer more storage space in their fridge while making it thinner at the same time. This was done to ensure that consumers can easily accommodate the fridge in their existing homes without having to adjust much of the furniture or utilities already present there.

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The fridge also provides users with two fast cooling technologies known as Power Cool and Power Freeze. The Power Cool technology blasts cold air at drinks and other foods to cool them down in a matter of seconds. The Power Freeze Technology also blasts extremely cold air to freeze cold cuts, ice-creams, or just make ice in a matter of mere minutes.

The SpaceMax series refrigerators also come with another unique feature involving a Digital Inverter which manipulates the compressor of the fridge to provide optimal cooling depending on the temperature inside of the fridge. Apart from saving the fridge against voltage surges, it also helps the compressor be smarter by activating it as per the cooling necessities of the fridge instead of letting it run in cycles fifty percent of the time as most other fridges do. But that’s not all. The digital inverter itself is certified to work for up to 25 years while it comes with a full-warranty of 10 years.

“Samsung continues to bring delight to the consumers through innovative technology solutions in the refrigerator space,” said Saurav Katyal, Samsung India. “Being an industry leader, we are excited to bring the all-new SpaceMax Series Side-by-Side refrigerators that are designed to change the way consumers store food. These refrigerators are highly energy efficient and durable, ensuring longer-lasting performance.”

The fridges come in two types, double door fridges, and triple door fridges which comprise of two refrigerators and one freezer. They also cool efficiently along all corners of the fridges and do not require any plumbing work or water supply to function. To add on top of that, they also have the proprietary EZ Slide Shelf which helps with the organization of the entire fridge. However, all of these come at a hefty starting price of INR 106,990 ($1,537.29) for the two-door models and INR 116,990 ($1,680.97) for the three-door models.

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While the SpaceMax series might certainly be providing India with the cutting-edge technology which it needs to drive forward technologically, the price of these fridges might be just a little too steep for the common man. Samsung may not be able to profit as much from this line of refrigerators, but they would certainly provide interested and capable candidates with a whole variety of features necessary to make their lives easier.

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