Tango Networks’ Second SIM Business Line Solution Brings the Desk Phone to Personal Phone

The Second SIM Business Line Solution is a service that provides SIMs to a company that employees can plug into their dual SIM phones. That Second SIM becomes the business line for each employee.

The Second SIM is controlled by the company and is an extension of the company’s phone system, PBX or cloud-based phone service.

It’s just like a regular desk phone extension but now it is in the employee’s smartphone. The company IT team directly controls the Second SIM, manages the communications and take cares of the costs, features, security, call routing, call recording and so on.

Meanwhile, the employee’s original SIM is still their personal SIM and all their personal calls and communications are totally private and continue as before.

Advantages of Second SIM Business Line

It is exactly like carrying your desk phone in your smartphone.

Adam Boone, Vice President of Strategic Planning, Tango Networks

You can do in-office extension dialing to call coworkers. You can put calls on hold or forward them. You can start conference calls or other features of your business phone system.

Because the solution is based on the SIM, the phone controls are simple, native controls and very intuitive – you use a phone interface you already are familiar with and not some messy app that is hard to figure out.

The company IT team can set and enforce policies on the Second SIM just like it was a landline phone. For example, some companies record all employee business calls. With Second SIM, they can record all the mobile business calls you make and SMS messages you send using the Second SIM. They can record them using the same recording system they use for the landline desk phones. But they will never record the personal calls using your original, personal SIM. There is a perfect separation between business and personal communications.

This also means you no longer have to carry two mobiles, one for personal and the other for work. Now with the Second SIM, your company manages all the costs and call routing and policies for business communications. So it really is like dropping your desk phone right into your smartphone.

And some of our customers now are going “Mobile First” and making the mobile phone the primary communications device for all business communications. Some are even going “Mobile-Only,” completely cutting the cord and eliminating desk phones altogether in favor of going all mobile.

The Second SIM Business Line service enables them to do these things with full control over costs, recording, policies, and features while making sure employees’ private communications remain private.

Why is Tango Networks one of the reliable ones?

Tango Networks has been delivering innovative corporate mobility solutions to companies for more than 10 years. We’re a trusted mobile communications technology partner to Tier 1 mobile operators and enterprises as well as smaller companies across North America and Europe.

The new Second SIM solution is a service that is made available through its select solution provider and communication service provider partners. It is based on the company’s unique, award-winning mobile communications technology for which it has more than 65 patents.

Their Second SIM and other services are the industry’s first to enable an enterprise to be in direct control of all employee mobile communications.

Learn more about Second SIM here: http://info.tango-networks.com/carry-your-desk-phone-in-your-mobile-with-our-second-sim-solution

Want one for your business? Get in touch with a solution partner or contact Tango Networks on the mentioned email address: sales@tango-networks.com

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