Would You Buy Subscription of Showbox if it was Legal & PAID?

Showbox is a one-stop destination when it comes to finding movies and TV shows. You don’t have to buy multiple subscriptions, just open one single app, search for what you are looking for begin downloading the movie/show. However, it’s illegal and that’s why using it can put you into legal trouble.

We recently asked this question to 3,730 people who regularly use movie streaming apps. The question was “Would you continue using Showbox if it were legal and paid?” The answers we received are quite surprising, but they actually make sense. Let’s find the answer and the reasons behind it.

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The question was asked to 3,730 people all over the globe (US, UK, Australia, NZ, Middle East, South-Asia) and we can’t include all the personalized reasons in a single post, that’s why we summarized everything from the poll. Out of 3,730 people, 2,721 people responded that they would, 472 people responded that they’ll think of it, 537 people said that they won’t!

Based on the votes we’ve received, it’s quite clear that our previous analysis about Showbox ruling the video streaming market seems to actually make sense and goes with what the audience wants. However, it doesn’t actually rule the paid streaming market, but can actually compete with services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu if it actually goes legal.

The people who answered “They would buy the subscription” opted for the option, “It’s a single app for all things” and if it ever goes legal and paid. They’d actually shift from providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu etc. A few of them in the personal responses also mentioned that they’d be happy to pay an extra amount, not just switch. If the developers are able to bring all movies, shows to the app legally.

Majority of the people who answered “They’ll think” said that they like the app, but the app has a lot of downtimes and they’re disappointed with it. They also added that sometimes, the streaming quality, downtimes and streaming speed, download speed sucks, that’s why even if it goes legal and continues to have such issues, they might not be interested paying for a subscription. However, if all the issues are solved and Showbox goes legal then they might think of it when it happens.

The other people who responded with “No, we won’t buy” also had similar responses to the people who answered “They’ll think.” The people mentioned that the app has a lot of bugs and the owner is not known to anyone, if the app becomes more transparent about its ownerships, legal position, they might consider. But till then, even if it is free, they won’t use it. They also mentioned that, by not buying a subscription which streams our favorite TV show or movie, we’re actually stealing money from the people who’ve worked hard to make such good quality films.

It’s not easy for an app like Showbox to get legal, because they’ll need to get license for all the content for their platform which won’t be that easy. One reason for it being tough is because of the app has a lot of negative reputation around producers, directors, and movie makers. The other reason is, those licenses cost huge money which won’t be easy for an individual or even big-scale company to arrange for. But if it does somehow get legalized, then there’s a huge user-base which is waiting to buy a subscription!

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