TeckFlock Acquires XavierBoog.com For An Undisclosed Amount

XavierBoog.com which is popularly known as Helmet Finder is a great tool which helps you find good-quality helmets. It was a great resource for people who were interested in buying Motorcycle helmets as they could use the website to find the best helmet for their needs.

It has been mentioned by the seller that the tool had a 1200 regular users who found the next helmet using it and according to the research team, it looks like what the seller told was legit. However, no details about the financials have been mentioned by any of the parties. We reached out to our Founder and he said that he won’t be interested in sharing details about the Financials for the time being.

The development team at TeckFlock has started optimizing the tool and is going to soon be ready with a really great helmet finder which won’t just help the Motorcycle riders, but will also help other people who use helmets such as BaseBall players, Industrial workers.

According to the insights received from the development team, The tool might take 2 months to go live. Till that time, when you open XavierBoog.com, you’ll be redirected to TeckFlock’s Best Motorcycle Helmet page and will be able to choose the best motorcycle helmets in the US region. (The list includes the helmets which were highly chosen by the readers on Helmet Finder)

Till now the tool only allowed people in the United States to find a suitable helmet, but with the acquisition, the founder plans to actually make the tool much more powerful and it would start by allowing people all over the globe to choose the motorcycle helmet which abides by their local legislation and would be the best one based on their needs!

We also got a note from our Founder which says that they’d be open to listening to feedback from the users who are interested in the tool and would love to work on those feedbacks and implement features that users will actually use. So if you are someone who wants to be part of it, you shall consider contacting us with the subject: “Helmet Finder” and your emails will straightly go to the Founder!

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