10 Best Corner TV Mounts For Placing TVs in the Corner [2019]

Have you decided to place your TV in the corner of your living room or bed room? You surely must be looking for the best corner TV mount to help you with the placement.

But you surely don’t want a mount that could break or won’t last long or even fail? That’s why we’ve researched, ranked and reviewed the Best corner TV mounts available in the market.

Ryan Hagberg, Sanus Blog mentions, “It leaves the flow of the room uninterrupted but still lets you enjoy House of Cards from the sofa.” Besides helping you use the unused space, there are a few advantages of placing your Television in the corner.

It has been noticed by editors at TeckFlock that placement of it can reduce neck pain, TV glare issues (If there’s no window near the corner) and provide an unhindered watching experience. Moshe B. from the Puls Blog has also shared a few advantages of placing the TV in the corner.

What is a Corner TV Wall Mount?

In short, it is just like other TV mounts but useful during the corner TV placement.

Not all of us have a perfect wall to place the TV in the corner, if you are lucky enough to have the perfect wall that has no windows near or direct light coming in, then the corner TV placement is best for you. Most of them despite wanting to place it in the corner aren’t able to place it because, they don’t have the perfect corner, that’s why they end up keeping their Television at the center or other area which often causes issue with the newly built furniture or is easily accessible to a toddler.

Placement of a Television at an appropriate corner is nothing less than a headache where the complete family can enjoy their leisure time. There are times when you can’t place it at the center because your toddler can cause issues to that placement or it could hide the expensive furniture. But, no more issues now as with the technology stylish & easy to accommodate corner TV wall mounts have come up into the market. These stylish wall mounts facilitate unhindered binge watching & easy shifting in any of the rooms.

The Best Corner TV Wall Mounts in 2019

There are plenty of topics to write on, but the people who read our guide on the Best 65 inch Televisions asked us for a suitable mount and that’s the reason why we chose to write about this topic first.

The wall mounts are characterized by superb designs that are easily compatible & safe for the televisions. Since it’s a creation considering all models of televisions, so the user must choose the best wall mount that suits to their television model & its characteristics.

We’ve researched around 33 corner TV mount for around 173 hours and have chosen the 10 best corner TV mounts for corner placement and have listed the selected models here!

1. Mounting Dream MD2377 Corner TV Wall Mount Bracket.

Mounting Dream MD2377 Corner TV Wall Mount Bracket
  • Material: Heavy duty steel.
  • Weight: 9 pounds.
  • Supported TV size: 26 to 55 inches.
  • Dimensions: 17.1 x 16.5 x 3.1 inches.
  • Maximum TV weight: 60 pounds.

The Mounting Dream MD 2377 TV Wall Mount Bracket boasts ten years warranty and 100% purchase guarantee from the company. It’s four mounting holes VESA supports minimal 3 inches x 3 inches and a maximum of 16 by 16 inches holes. The mount is available for installation on single wood studs and concrete walls, both. But the hardware requires concrete anchors to be ordered separately.

Its extension arm can stretch up to 19.3 inches and retract back to 3 inches. The super long extension allows Swivel to any angle according to user requirement. People can easily choose their ideal angle and direction with the versatile movement of the mount. It can tilt in the standard range of 5 degrees upwards and 15 degrees downwards.

The mount comes with easy level adjustment bolts which provide additional rotation of 3 inches in any direction.  The only real drawback is the weight support of only 60 pounds, but the affordability makes it a viable option. It is one of the cheapest mounts available in the market which does not compromise the quality of the mount. The mount is feasible with its stable grip and support.

The hardware and components include cable ties for the aesthetically pleasing appearance of the TV after installation and bubble levels. It comes with the screws and supports for compatibility with every TV model and HDMI Cable. The manual is easy to follow with instructions, and a single person can install the mount with ease. Its standard construct of heavy-duty steel provides it a secure grip on the TV.  The mount has received an incredible rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 stars and falls among one of the best-selling mounts of all times.

  • It has ten years warranty.
  • It is cheaper than other mounts.
  • Extension arm provides comfortable angles maneuvers.
  • Only supports up to 60 pounds of weight.

2. Mounting Dream MD2380 Corner TV Wall Mount Bracket

Mounting Dream MD2380
  • Material: Heavy duty steel.
  • Weight: 11.16 pounds.
  • TV Size Support: 32 to 55 inches.
  • Mount Dimensions: 17.1 x 9.2 x 3.2 inches.
  • Maximum TV Weight of 99 pounds.

With its swivel articulating dual arms Mounting Dream MD2380 TV Wall Mount Bracket is a robust construction with the ability to support up to 99 pounds of weight. It’s versatile VESA range goes as small as 75 mm x 75 mm and up to 400 mm x 400 mm. The flexibility of the mount allows it to swivel 45 degrees in either direction. It supports 5 degrees up, and 15 degree down tilts with additional 3-degree rotation in either direction post-installation for optimal adjustments.

One can adjust the levels of the TV according to the room without any worry. The sturdy heavy-duty steel construction allows the mount to provide sturdy support to the TVs. Its arms can extend up to 15.2 inches apart from the wall and retracts only 3 inches apart from the wall. The mount comes with 9 ft HDMI Cable which supports ethernet, 1440P and 3D and bubble levels. Its parts come assembled and do not require needless efforts into putting the pieces together. The mounting device comes with all the required components for the installation, except for concrete anchors which need to be ordered separately.

Its simple instruction manual for installation allows anyone to DIY install the mount. The mount is compatible with most of 32 to 55 inches TVs that are available today. The manual also contains a guide to install TV sets of different models and companies for customer’s support. It is easy to mount and remove for the TVs. With its 3-step installation and the incredible 10-years warranty, the mount is rated 4.8 stars out of 5 stars which is exceptional. It stands as #2 among the best seller electronic mounts.

  • Incredible 99lbs weight support.
  • Ten years of warranty.
  • Easy to follow instruction manual.
  • Extends only up to 15.2 inches while other brands support up to 20inches.

3. ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating Corner TV Wall Mount Bracket

ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating Corner TV Wall Mount
  • Material: Durable steel.
  • Weight: 8.13 pounds.
  • TV Sizes range: 26 to 55 inches.
  • Dimensions: 13.4 x 2.9 x 10.6 inches.
  • Maximum TV Weight: 80 pounds.

The ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket is the most maneuver-friendly mount available. It is packed with the arm-extension of up to 20 inches and provides swivel of 180 degrees. One can watch TV at any angle of the room quickly with the adjustment options. It can tilt 15 degrees easily according to the user’s requirements for anti-glares, or just to set the eye-levels. The easy to follow instruction manual will complete installation within 30 minutes and prepare the TV for mounting.

Additionally, the mount comes packed with hardware supports and components for various models and sizes of TV to provide peerless fitting. The parts are made up of high quality material for durability and longevity. Its durable steel model can support up to 80 pounds of weight and makes it ideal for 26 to 55 inches TV screens. 

The only problem one might encounter is the loosening of the leveling arm from time to time, which would require it to tighten again. It might be a little inconvenient; otherwise, the performance of the product is fantastic. The mount is compatible even with the corner-mounted TVs and allows one to save a lot of space in their area. It comes with the standard gifts of HDMI Cable and bubble level. But additionally, it also provides loops for the cables to prevent the dangling appearance of the cable.

The mount is one of the top-selling electronic TV mounts with a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 stars and generally favorable customer reviews. Customer care staff is present seven days a week and provide quality services to the users.

  • DIY Compatible with 3 step procedure.
  • Customer care available 24/7.
  • Smooth and stable extend, swivel, and tilt for 55-inch TV screens.
  • Might require tightening of screws to hold the TV levels as they are prone to getting loose

4. VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount

VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount
  • Material: Heavy gauge steel.
  • Weight of 8.82 pounds.
  • TV Sizes range: 27 to 55 inches.
  • Dimensions: 13 x 10.3 x 2.5 inches.
  • Maximum TV Weight: 88 pounds.

The heavy-duty VideoSecu ML531BE Wall Mount is excellent for someone looking for a mount which grants maneuver and covers all the angles of the room. It can support the weight of up to 88lbs despite its simple design and easy-extend arm components. The extension of the arm can stretch up to 20 inches apart from the central mount and support heavyweight, which makes it ideal for bigger screens. It can remarkably revert to just 2 inches apart from the wall for a composite look.

This highly flexible mount can bend 15 degrees forward and 5 degrees backward. With Swivel and rotation of up to 180 degrees, it is ideal for comfortable position-change after the installation. One can easily change its angles according to their requirements. It’s easy to follow instruction manual allows even the most inexperienced users to install it with ease. If required; the person can remove VESA plate from the mount for single-person installation.  The VESA supports up to four-hole mount and variations ranging from 100 mm x 100 mm to 400 mm x 400 mm.

However, it is advised to check the weight of TV Display despite the 88 pounds support which would suit most of the TVs. The mount is ideal for 25 to 49 inches TV for durable performance. But it can hold and support up to 55 inches TV Screens with ease.  The mount also comes bearing gifts of 10 ft HDMI cable and 6 inches long 3-axis magnetic bubble levels. It’s versatility have gotten it the rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. The heavy-duty steel composition allows for a long life due to a stable structure.

  • Most extended 10 ft HDMI Cable which supports modern features.
  • VESA can be removed for one-person installation.
  • Easy-extend arm to choose the best position for the TV.
  • Lacks lock for the horizontal bar, which requires one to set alignment each time it is moved.

5. Best Heavy Duty: Mount Factory Full Motion Articulating Wall Mount

Mount Factory Full Motion Articulating Wall Mount
  • Material: Heavy duty steel
  • Weight: 16.35 pounds
  • TV size range: 40 to 70 inches
  • Dimensions: 23.2 x 17.5 x 2.8 inches
  • Maximum TV weight: 100 pounds

With a fantastic rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, Mount Factory Full Motion Articulating Wall Mount is widely accepted for walls of low profile & flat compression. It is endowed with magnetic abilities in different colours of 10’ HDMI cable.

Application wise, this articulating mount is fabricated for fitting most of the LCD & Plasma TVs up to 70″. The unit of this mount is specialized for standard VESA patterns set up with almost all flat screen TVs having port sizes ranging to 100mm x 200mm till 300mm x 600mm.

The main purpose of designing this type of mount is for commercial-grades, where heavy-duty steel and supreme-quality hinges are required. The robust nature of this mount has a capacity of 100 pounds that can withstand corrosion and scratch problems throughout.

Amidst installation, its smooth motion & exquisite design propels the parameters of tilting, swivelling, and extension to get the appropriate viewing angle. The extensible arms of the mount are able to extend up to 20 inches with the wall or reposed back till 4 inches. Apart from that, the TV can move up to 160 degrees to the left or right having the tilt set to 8 degrees.

The different openings of the arms and rear plate enhance space for passing wires with a clean and accomplished look. The convenience is enhanced through the assembling of articulating arms and rear plate inside the cabin.

Certifications of RoHS & CE proves the durability of this mount, whereas the standard of ISO-9001 signifies its environmentally friendly construction. Customer satisfaction is enhanced by surprise addition of general 10′ HDMI fabricated nylon cable having a plating of gold on the connectors.

  • Developed from high quality steel.
  • Adaptable to almost all TV sets in the market.
  • View angle promotes superb watching abilities.
  • The set of instructions aren’t clear on the product.

6. Cheetah Mount ALAMLB Articulating Arm Corner TV Wall Mount

  • Material: Hot rolled steel
  • Weight: 6.1 pounds
  • TV size range: 23 to 49 inches
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 3 x 13 inches
  • Maximum TV weight: 66 pounds

The Cheetah Mounts Articulating Arm (20” Extension) TV Wall Mount is one of the finest available mounts on the market. The mounting holes comprise of VESA pattern with 75 to 400 mm sizes. It has got extensibility of 20 inches during use whereas 2.5 inches after the collapse.

The tilt is measured as 15 degrees in both upwards and downwards directions accompanied with 360-degree rotation & a swivel of 180 degrees either right or left. The sturdy masonry installation is aided with the single stud design of HDMI cables & bubble level support. A rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 completely justifies the product’s capability & its use.

Another functional significance of this mount is the usage of HDMI cable for accomplishing the use of house entertainment relinking, audio connection support, 3D play, and delivery of the strongest & richest watching and listening possible experience.

The kit is associated with mount for sync in with the best brands of market like LG, Sharp, Samsung & Panasonic. It is incorporated with the features of tilt, twist, collapse & swivel. It is named after Cheetah due to its swiftest & quickest installation attribute. The mounting of this ancillary is moulded for appropriate viewing angle & reduced glare. The contact with the wall plate ensures compatibility of cables & its accessories.

  • It is one of the most renowned television mounts in the market.
  • It is highly pocket friendly for the customers.
  • Easily adjustable with the televisions that it supports.
  • It does not support heavy televisions.

7. Installer Parts 37 to 65-inch TV Corner Mount

Installer Parts 37 to 65-inch TV Corner Mount
  • Material: High quality steel
  • Weight: 20.2 pounds
  • TV size range: 32 to 65 inches
  • Dimensions: 36 x 4.8 x 9.4 inches
  • Maximum TV weight of 130 lbs

The Installer Part 37”-65” TV Corner Mount is having a beautiful heavy duty design incorporating a flat panel display. Construction of the complete design is laden with toughened steel having a robust display. It has one of the most peculiar features of easy installation for LCD & Plasma TV which is included with an HDMI cable.

This mount is compatible with all the televisions which were listed in our Best 65 inch 4K TVs in 2019. In case you still haven’t purchased a TV you shall consider checking that guide of ours to help you make an informed buying decision!

The VESA compliance is observed with the mounting surface following MIS standards & having mounting holes of sizes varying from 200 x 200 mm to 800 x 400 mm. Enhanced durability & long life is guaranteed by the sturdy construction with minimum hassle. Due to the presence of stainlessness property, it is resistant from corrosion & scratch problems too.

It has an ability to tilt up to 15 degrees in the upwards & downwards direction and can swivel at 60 degrees to either of the directions. With an excellent rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, there can’t be any problems with this product but still for customer satisfaction manufacturer warranty can be availed by contacting the dealer.

The double arm design of it enhances stability & promises a good shape with excellent flexibility. It is easy to dig into the wall but, requires approximately 20 minutes for its setup for completion.

  • The mount stays for ages & can be used by future generations of a family too.
  • Almost all TV brands & models are supportable with this mount.
  • Sturdy & robust structure.
  • Easily adjustable.
  • Requires more time for installation than other mounts.

8. Mount-It! MI-484C: Heavy Weight Corner Mount for TV Wall

Mount-It! MI-484C: Heavy Weight Corner Mount for TV Wall
  • Material: Reinforced steel
  • Weight: 21 pounds
  • TV size range: 37 to 63 inches
  • Dimensions: 35 x 4.6 x 10.8 inches
  • Maximum TV weight: 132 lbs

With exclusively low profile design & off centered installation, Mount-It! MI-484C Articulating Corner Mount for TV Wall is the best in the business currently in the market. It is considered as unique in the category of corner installation having independent articulation from the walls just as the wall plates.

It has an extensible range for TV’s up to 70 inches aided through VESA 800 x 400 & 100 x 100 mm holes. It is therefore advisable to purchase this mount after considering stud spacing & cable input. Generally, the universal brackets of this mount easily hold all the televisions & aid the regular swivel design for changing the positions and angles easily.

The kit accompanied with mount is compatible with brands of Insignia, Sharp, Samsung & Westinghouse. It is encompassed with the abilities to tilt, move, collapse & swivel. As the name of the brand Mount It! Suggests, the mounting of this ancillary is shaped for enhanced viewing angle & decreased glare. The easy access for wall plate ensures the requirement of cables & other accessories.

It has an ability of continuous tilting up to 15 degrees in the upwards & downwards direction. It has a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 ensures the availability of all the hardware requirements with better customer service. Presence of an integrated bubble layer prevents the sagging tendency of the mount.

  • Supports almost all TV brands & models.
  • High quality & sturdy structure.
  • Easily adjustable.
  • A bit confusing setup is a major problem.

9. VideoSecu 32 to 65-inch TV Articulating Corner Mount

VideoSecu 32 to 65-inch TV Articulating Corner Mount
  • Material: High gauge steel
  • Weight: 15.5 pounds
  • TV size range: 32 to 55 inches
  • Dimensions: 29.1 x 3.7 x 9.4 inches
  • Maximum TV weight: 135 lbs

The VideoSecu Mounts Articulating TV Wall Mount is highly versatile with multiple mounting holes called VESA of different sizes like 300 x 300 mm, 400 x 200 mm, etc. The flexibility is well proven by its foldable arm of 3.07 inches that has an extensible range up to 21.65 inches.

This mount has an ability to tilt up to 15 degrees in the forward or backward direction and can swivel at 180 degrees to the left whereas 90 degrees to the right that is completely dependent on the screen of TV installed. The studding of VideoSecu brand is highly accomplished with 18 inches mount, which is easily movable with the television for transfer options.

The package of the mount is accompanied by a user manual its hardware requirements having a certification of frustration free mount. It is compatible with most of the top notch brands of Toshiba, Haier & Panasonic.

The reputation of this mount is made as a self-adjustable ancillary that takes nominal aid of drill & stud for installation. It has a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. After installing the mount, its adjustment to the level allows perfect angle handling at a pitch to view all parameters. Exceptional security locks of the mount with TV bracket for mounting at the bottom makes it the most trusted brand amongst users.

  • Relatively easy installation of the wall mount.
  • Self-supportive with the wall & easy for adjustments.
  • Sturdy & robust structure.
  • The tilt of the mount is not easy to reach for after installation.

10. Mount-It! MI-2041L Swivel Full Motion Corner TV Wall Mount for 23 to 42-inch TVs

Mount-It! MI-2041L Swivel Full Motion Corner TV Wall Mount for 23 to 42-inch TVs
  • Material: Heavy duty steel
  • Weight: 6.4 pounds
  • TV size range: 23 to 42 inches
  • Dimensions:13 x 3 x 9 inches
  • Maximum TV weight: 66 lbs

The Mount-It! MI-2041L Swivel Full Motion TV Wall Mount is a universal TV mount compatible with brands like Samsung, LG, Toshiba, etc. Various operations of tilt, swivel, extend & collapse can easily be performed by this mounting. It has an ability to tilt up to 15 degrees up or down and can swivel at 180 degrees to left or right with the rotation of 4 degrees.

It is a mandate to check for the mounting hole of TV, cable input & installation spacing of stud before purchasing this type of mount. This mount is considered ideal for corner installation closing to 20 inches from the wall with an effortless viewing feature. The swivelling features ensure reduced glare & sleek touch even for a low profile TV design.

Sturdy nature reinforces the installation of the TV with a 6 feet cable along with the required hardware for all LCD & LED. Customers can easily avail the manufacturing warranty from the customer care service available on purchase of the product. Rated at 4.4 stars, it has got decent support from the customers.

It is incorporated with a single-arm articulate mount excellent for smaller screen TV’s & personal computers. The mount can swing and twist, fitting flat against the walls extending up to 20 inches. There is no need for any tools for the continuous tilt motion of the mount with the coating of powder on the steel construction giving a sleek finish.

  • Has got a low price tag associated with it.
  • The swivel & rotate capability ensures convenience for the users all the time.
  • Easy to mount & adjust.
  • Misplacement of nuts & bolts is an issue.

Are there any benefits of placing a TV at the corner of the room?

Yes, there are a few benefits such as disrupted viewing angle, using the corner space, reduction in neck pain, be able to keep the furniture, TV will be out of reach from toddlers

When should you consider placing TV in the corner?

You shall only place your television in the corner if you have the perfect room, by perfect room, we mean that there should not be a window near that side of the wall.

Are the mounts listed here reliable?

Yes, they’ve been tested by the editorial team, not only that they’ve been really rated high by existing customers on platforms like Amazon, BestBuy.

Can I return the mount if doesn’t match my requirements?

The article includes all the necessary details you might need to know when buying a mount. However, if you don’t find the one which matches your requirements, consider getting in touch with Amazon and if the mount is eligible for a return, you should be able to return it.

The Verdict

It’s important to know that the above-mentioned models have been tested in our labs and have been proved to be among the best corner TV mounts you shall go for in 2019. This list is dedicated to the people who reside in the United States, if you are from a different country, you shall try looking for mounts with similar specifications. Alternatively, you can comment down below and we’ll try to find out the best ones you shall go for.

After this test came to an end, 7 out of 12 reviewers from TeckFlock who tested the corner TV placement have shifted their Televisions to the corner of their living room. 2 of them are still thinking about shifting their placement. However, 3 of them are still not willing to place their televisions at the corner. If you love corner placement, then comment down below with the reason why and if it’s legit, it might help our readers consider shifting!

We’ve reviewed, tested and then ranked the above mounts. They’ve worked really well for us and that’s the reason why we’ve mentioned them in our guide. None of the above mentioned brands have collaborated with us for including their products. The links we’ve mentioned are from Amazon US. We’ll earn a really small fee if you make a purchase from the links without you having to pay extra.

Corner TV Wall Mounts
  • Compatibility
  • Weight Capacity


Decided to place your Television at the corner? Be it your living room or a bedroom, we’ve listed the 10 best corner TV mounts which can help you install your television at the corner of your room. Unlike other reviews on the internet, we’ve tested the products in our labs and 12 people collaboratively worked on this article, just to help the users make an informed buying decision!

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