Rankz Review: Best Pro Rank Tracker for Enterprises

We all know that Google, the search giant has a Webmaster team which keeps making changes to the search algorithm and they do a few tests on a daily basis. As an SEO wouldn’t you want to stay updated about the ranking for your keywords?

With those tests going live, one would always like to know if there’s a sudden decline in the ranking for a keyword or a keyword that got boosted by the update. However, there’s not a single rank tracking tool which allows you to track the results multiple times in a day.

If it were for a single keyword, you could just fire up a VPN and make a few searches and get the original position of your keyword. Forget about large scale SEO agencies, even small or medium scale agencies have more than 5-10 projects with more than a 300-400 keywords. For large scale enterprises, the number keeps multiplying.

One good way to track them would be setting an infrastructure, using proxies and crawl Google search for the keyword positions, but that’s too much for an SEO agency. However, using a Rank tracker should be a get to go solution. But which one?

In this review, I’ll be talking about Rankz, a very new yet powerful rank tracking tool. The tool comes with a modern user-interface and different plans to choose from. It’s one of the most accurate tools available with a lot of flexibility options.


1. Country Specific Keyword Rank Tracking Supported

List of Countries Supported by Rankz
You can choose the country you want to track the SERP

Not all of your clients would need to know their keyword rankings for Google US. You might be working with a client who might have audience from a different country. In such a case, you shouldn’t be tracking the search rankings for Google US. It’s because, Google has different search results for different countries. So, if the country your client focuses is Canada, you should be tracking Google Search (CA.)

The good thing about Rankz is, it allows people to track the rankings in different countries. I work with a few clients who are based out of Japan and the tool was still able to give me wonderful results. I just had to add the keywords into my list, select the country for those keywords and I was able to get the most accurate results for those countries.

2. Keep an Eye on your Competitor

Do you ever see a single result when you search for a query, No right?

It means that you have competitors and losing a rank isn’t something anyone would want. But with algorithmic changes or a few different factors, there’s always a chance that you might see someone’s rank getting better or falling. The good thing about Rankz is, it isn’t just limited to the rank tracking for your own project. When you add a project, it automatically finds out the competitors and also displays a graph through which you can track their rank drops or rises.

So say, if you see a new player in your territory or see an existing player’s rank drop, you might be interested in the things he has tried or something that worked for him and avoid the things that led to dropping. So keeping an eye on your competitors rank trackings can help you find out different strategies they’re following, the strategies that caused more harm than good and the ones which worked well.

You might have a question, How do I know about the strategy with just an update in their search ranking positions? The answer is

There are few things which lead to movement in the ranking, some of them are an algorithmic preference, competitor making changes to the page, competitor working on the off-page, competitor adding pillar content to increase relevance for that keyword, etc. If his ranking has improved, you might want to check their backlink profile, check for pillar pages, compare the current page with the cached version and a lot of other things. There are more than 200 factors and I can’t keep going through all of them in this post, but the competitors spying feature of Rankz could surely help you know that there was a change in position, so you can act accordingly.

3. Word Count: My Favorite Feature

Tool that can also check the word count of your competing website

I manage SEO for a few blogs and whenever I do keyword research, I do add those keywords in Rankz and find out the average length of content of the top 10 pages in the SERPs for a particular keyword.

Well, Higher word count doesn’t mean higher rankings, but a well-researched article with a good word count could actually perform better than an article which isn’t worth reading. So whenever I start a site, I add all my target keywords in Rankz and find out the average amount of content the other sites have produced for a particular keyword.

After getting the word count, I make a sheet and calculate the budget required to produce that many articles. This way, I can tell my clients to make a budget for content creation. This is one of my favorite features from the tool, it not only helps me know the average content length I’ll need, but it also helps me understand if investment in content for a particular keyword is worth it or not.

4. Whitelabel the Reports

Although I don’t have clients who are with me just for having their keywords tracked, but there are a few SEO companies that offer such service. If your agency charges clients for tracking the keywords, you might consider using Rankz. It’s because, they are 100% accurate and their pricing could be much more cheaper than cost of proxies.

Many rank tracking tools allow you to track a few keywords and while exporting the report they’d add their name which shouldn’t be a big deal for agencies where the client isn’t just for getting their search rankings tracked, but could be a big deal for the agencies which provides rank tracking as a service. In case you’re one of them, then the good thing is, the reports from Rankz doesn’t even have their name and you can add your company’s name in the reports and send it to your clients. Isn’t this a feature you wanted?

5. Not just limited to Google Search SERP tracking

The tool isn’t just limited to tracking your keywords on Google Search, but it also allows you to track results from the Bing search. Currently, it only supports Google and Bing, but in an email with them they mentioned that they’d add other search engines such as YouTube, DuckDuckGo, Baidu etc in coming days. However, for now you can monitor your keyword SERP on two of the popular search engines.

6. Team Member Access

For our SEO team, we have different members who perform different tasks. Some do the rank tracking, some do the analysis, some do the execution. Keeping everyone in the loop is very important for a project to get successful. However, not all rank trackers provide this functionality, take the example of Ahrefs Rank tracker. It just allows a few team members and not everyone who’s working on the project can access it.

7. No Credit Card Required

This isn’t a feature, but it is really what makes it the best tool. You can sign up and start using the tool till trial without even adding a credit card. Once the trial expires, if you like the service provided by it, you can sign up with a plan of your choice. You can stop using the tool if you aren’t satisfied. There are instances when people add their credit cards and forget, The tool keeps deducting the amount even if the person isn’t using it and trust me, a lot of SEO enterprises have such expenses in their balance sheet. But with this, you won’t have one.


One can start with a free trial and use it for 7 days without paying. Once the trial expires, you can select a plan which is most suitable for you and begin tracking your keywords on Google and Bing. They have 3 different plans listed on their site and also have custom plans for even large enterprises.

Rankz SERP Tracker Pricing
Image Credits: Rankz Website
  • The $9.99/month plan: The plan allows the user to track 200 keywords and add up to 10 projects. The plan also updates the rank positions 2 times in a day. While this plan is the best for individual SEOs, I feel this plan is suffice for small-scale SEO companies too.
  • The $19.99/month plan: It has all the features from the $9.99/month plan, but allows you to track 500 keywords and add up to 25 domains. This plan is most suitable for a small-scale and medium-sized SEO enterprises where every project has 15-20 keywords to track or the project count is less than 25.
  • The $69.99/month plan: This plan is most suitable for medium-sized and large SEO enterprises. It allows tracking of 75 projects and can track up to 2000 keywords. I personally feel that the number of keywords/project is less, but the plan is totally worth it for the price.
  • Custom Plan: While it’s not listed on their pricing page, but if you have a few custom requirements as I had, you can get in touch with them with your requirements and they’ll get back to you with exact details. So if your agency has much more projects and a different requirement, you should probably get in touch with them.

Rankz FAQs

What is Rankz?

Rankz is a growth marketing SaaS product which helps marketers to accelerate and automate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) activities.

What are the different tools offered by Rankz?

Rankz has mainly 5 products: Rank Tracker, Content Distribution Network (Pressly), Backlinks Checker, Domain Availability Checker and Bulk DA PA Checker

How much does Rankz cost?

Rankz offers 3 plans – Individual, Agency and Enterprise. Individual plan costs $19.99/m, Agency plan costs $69.99/m and enterprise plan has custom pricing.

Does Rankz offers free trial?

Yes! Rankz has 7 days free trial available and you don’t need to add your credit/debit card in order to start your trial.

What is Rankz used for?

Rankz is a digital marketing tool that’s used to increase search engine traffic to websites. You will get actionable insights that will help you to grow your search presence over the internet.

3 thoughts on “Rankz Review: Best Pro Rank Tracker for Enterprises”

  1. Bought a subscription after reading this review. Trust me, this tool has been one of the most underrated tool when it comes to rank tracking. If it wasn’t for you, I’d have end up paying high fees for basic functionalities. Wonderful review and a great tool!

  2. Tried rankz last week and I would say it is 10x better than Ahrefs rank tracker. Stunned with the speed and since I could see all Ahrefs metrics at the same place, it’s been such a useful. Pretty amazing stuff these guys are doing.


    Before this, I used to use the Link Assistant’s SERP tracking tool and SERPWatcher for some projects. After reading this review, I signed up for free trial. Now after using it for 7 days, I’ve finally decided to shift all my projects to Rankz. It’s the fastest, I’ve used till date.

    Also, the owners of the company are quite aggressive on the feedback, I had an issue and they got a technical issue solved within 20 minutes of contacting them and also gave me free credits for reporting the issues.

    One thing this review doesn’t mention is the community. There’s a Facebook community named SEO Cartel which is run by Rankz and trust me, world-class case studies are shared there.

    The company also has a bulk domain checker which is really useful when it comes to finding domain with good metrics.


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