Alpicool C15 Review: The Best 16 Quart (15 Liter) Portable Refrigerator Freezer in 2020

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The Alpicool C15 has been mentioned as one of the best portable refrigerators on more than 30+ posts on topics such as “Best portable refrigerators.” Are you looking for a fridge cum freezer for your car, truck, van, or any vehicle? Then this is one of the best ones which won’t put a hole in your pocket. Besides, you can use it when you for fishing, home, outdoors and during road trips. Isn’t all of this amazing? Well, continue reading this review to find out if the C15 is worth buying and suits all your needs.

Why Should You Buy a Portable Refrigerator?

The primary reason is: It’s portable

So you finally decided not to compromise with your comfort and always carry a device to get chilled water, beer cans, drinks, or ice. Moving with a portable refrigerator has its own benefits. For instance, you do not have to make halts in your journey to get crisp, spine chilling drinks or to buy outside food. You can carry them all even for your farthest destination. Also, it is very compact and easy to fit in any place.

I’m about to begin the in-depth review, but before that let’s read the specifications!

Alpicool C15 Specifications and Features

Alpicool C15 Portable Freezer,12 Volt Car Refrigerator, 16 Quart (15 Liter) Fast Cooling 12V Car Fridge -4℉~68℉, Car Cooler, 12/24V DC and 100-240V AC for Outdoor, Camping, RV, Truck, Boat
  • FREEZES WITHOUT ICE: -4°F(-20°C) deep chilling down performance ,can be a fridge and freezer.Run great with your small solar system as well.
  • STORAGE SPACE: Exterior Size- 22.4"x12.6"x10.2".16 Quart(15 Liter) capacity ,fits 20 cans of Cola.
  • CAR BATTERY PROTECTION:With temperature memory function and 3 different levels for battery protection: Low, Med and High to protect your vehicle battery without run down.
  • STRONG PLASTIC MATERIAL:Light weight but durable and easy transport to anywhere.
  • KEEP COOLING AND FRESH:Reliable sealing property construction,thick and high Density Foam Insulation.Continues keep cooling performance during your journey.Fresh all way and super energy saving!
  • It has a 3 stage car battery protection system that saves the car battery from running down.
  • The body of the freezer is vibrational resistant. It protects the personal item from getting crapped during the journey.
  • It contains digital control panels.
  • It has a temperature regulation system. The temperature can be adjusted according to the need.
  • It has a high-efficiency compressor with ECO and HH modes that can be adjusted.
  • It can be transferred from one place to another very quickly.
  • Its storage capacity fifteen liters or 16 Quart.
  • Alpicool C15 dimensions are  22.4 x 12.6 x 10.2 inches.
  • Lightweight, durable plastic material is used in exteriors.
  • The body is covered with thick and dense foam.
  • Weight: 21.2 pounds only
  • It comes with a DC cord of 12/24V and AC adaptor.
  • It can also work with your smaller solar panel.
  • Its temperature can reach up to – 4F (i.e., 20o C)
  • It is an energy-saving device.

The Review

The Alpicool C15 portable refrigerator is one of the best products for you in many ways. It’s efficiency and powerful performance has set standards for the other portable refrigerators in the market. It can be very suitable to carry in a car or truck and can also work with the solar panel. The unit freezes up to -20o Celsius (-4o Fahrenheit) for refrigeration in the vehicle. You can use the fridge for domestic purposes too.

In the initial days of use, The Alpicool C15 might smell a bit like plastic or tobacco, but later that smell fades away.

Jacob Stanley, TeckFlock

The portable refrigerator has an inbuilt system for the protection of the car’s battery. The fridge has a vibrational resistant body to protect itself from jerky roads, which increases its work life. The appliance is digitally controlled and can be regulated according to requirements. There is enough capacity for your food and drink essentials. It can be carried in cars, trucks, boats, and taken for outdoor activities like fishing, picnic, etc.  Also, as it is a portable device, it can work on direct current as well as alternating current.

Capacity and Dimensions

Alpicool C15 portable refrigerator is a type of compact fridge. This mini-refrigerator has a 15-liter capacity that can contain approximately 20 cans of cola. Coming to the exterior, it is made up of a solid plastic material. The plastic is lightweight and has a dimension of 22.4 x 12.6 x 10.2 inches


The weight of the freezer is about 21.2 pounds so that it can be transferred from one place to another in an efficient manner. You’d love to carry it in your vehicle like car, truck, van, boat, etc, because it is so lightweight. The machine also has an aesthetic exterior and can be used to store food, drinks, fruits, and fish. 

Body and Build Quality

The body of the refrigerator is composed of high-density foam. This foam helps in providing proper insulation to the fridge. Hence, you can keep your coke, fruits, fish (if you go for fishing) and foods fresh for a more extended period. This feature is the reason why I have been using this product for a while now. It is best for road trips and camping.

The Battery

It has a 3 stage battery protection system. It is what makes it more efficient and saves the battery of the car from running down. The design of the freezer is made in such a way that it resists the car vibrations. It has digital control panels which can regulate the temperature of the device. 

Power Consumption

The compressor of the freezer has HH and ECO modes. It is what makes it more energy efficient. It can work on 12/24V DC and 110V to 240V AC. The power cord for DC and adaptor for AC is provided with the product. It can also run on your mini solar panel.

According to a few tests, it was found that the box can run at around 50-60 watts in the full power mode and 35-45 watts in the eco mode.

Fridge Cum Freezer

This device can be used as a refrigerator as well as a freezer, by controlling the temperature through the digital control panel. If you need ice or some frozen things, you will use the heat according to that of about minus four Fahrenheit. For cooling purposes, the temperature of the freezer can be set at a moderate value. 

The Compressor

The compressor of the fridge does not make loud noises. This is why you can keep it inside your car or truck as well as use it in domestic purposes. It consumes a meager amount of power and is quite economical. It has “eco” and “hi” cool mode in which eco mode is more accurate and would be recommended to use.

You might have to put some effort to understand its working. Although there is an instruction manual provided in the box, you have to give it some time to actually understand its thermostat issues. Sometimes the temperature may not work according to your expectations. For example, if you have set the temperature to minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit, the machine may still work on -4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sometimes compressor can get locked up. It can be solved only by plugging out the device from the switchboard. Switching off the freezer might not stop the compressor from working. This situation might occur due to the problem in the power supply at your home too.

It is excellent as an unplugged cooler as well. It can keep your cans and drinks chilled for a longer duration. It can keep your food fresh for quite a few hours. Hence, it can be taken out on little outings like a family picnic, road trips with friends, and camping. But sometimes, the freezer may not work properly. This situation arises due to the compressor. So keeping an eye on it is very important.


  • The device is a budgeted product
  • It has active cooling and freezing
  • Its power consumption is low
  • It has an inbuilt battery protection system
  • It comes with adaptors
  • It can run on AC and DC both
  • It can run on solar panel
  • It is portable
  • The temperature is adjustable
  • Its built is vibration resistant
  • It makes a shallow sound
  • If unpowered can provide a cooling effect due to insulation for several hours
  • It is spacious


  • The Padding is a bit poor
  • Poor insulation
  • Temperature display is inaccurate sometimes
  • It’s working efficiency decreases with time
  • Its Cords are highly delicate
  • It has poor compressor efficiency
  • Sometimes the temperature changes automatically
  • Sometimes can drain the battery it is attached to

The Verdict

The device is quite quirky to deal with but is very good at the given price. The portability, size, and capacity are perfect for carrying food and drink items. The work efficiency, on the other hand, is quite low. The compressor may not start to face malfunction after a few months.

The refrigerator comes with an AC adaptor and DC cord. The AC cord can be used for domestic purposes. The DC, on the other hand, can be used for connecting to the car or truck battery. The freezer remains cold for a more extended period, even if the power is unplugged. I have been using this fridge for quite a few months. It is absolutely best for family outing and road trips. It will help you keep your food fresh and drinks cold.

The vibration resistant is a crucial aspect for increasing its work life and keeping the device safe. It can save the device from any dents as it would shake a lot in a moving vehicle. The digital control panel makes it easy to use but does not work correctly at times, and the compressor locks up. Keeping an eye on this device is very important as it might cause problems by automatically changing the temperature from the required one. 

You can give this device a try as it is remarkable according to the price it is offered in, and it is easy to use once you understand the working. It is also very economical and has deficient power consumption.

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  1. This is a great portable refrigerator freezer. I take it to all the trips I take in my truck. This has been a very best companion to me. Not just serves me with chilled juice, water, but also helps me save time.


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