4 Best Truth or Dare Apps for Android

If you’ve not played Truth or Dare, you probably haven’t enjoyed your school or college life to the fullest. Don’t worry, I’m not judging you, the reason why I mentioned it is because it’s one of the game is one of the top picks for college, high-school students. The game is also popular among adult and couples (generally played during parties or get togethers.)

The reason for such popularity among all age groups is because of the flexibility of the game and ease in play. Flexibility as in, Adults and couples can come up with naughty questions, kids can come up with basic questions and college students can come up with the type of questions they would be interested in. While playing this game, the players just have to spin the bottle and ask questions or give dares, that’s why I mentioned it to be eas

Technology, on the other hand, has made a lot of advancements. Back in time, a mobile phone could just make calls. But now, you can play high-end games such as Fortnite and PUBG mobile, make video calls, shop for your favorite product and even games like Truth or Dare on it.

I know that you are excited to download the app and start playing with your friends. So I won’t bore you with more details and will start with the list of the best ones. Before I mention them, I’ve tried almost 38 apps with a different type of audiences (friends, couples, kids, and adults) and have selected the 4 best ones.

1. The Best Rated: Truth or Dare by HobCore

Best Truth or Dare App
Truth or Dare by HobCore

It has been rated #1 in our list because it is the best one for all types of people, has an attractive theme, has a great set of questions and respects user privacy.

This is one of the latest apps when it comes to Truth and Dare. It comes with a really cool interface and has a yellow theme which makes it really attractive. When you start the app, you can select the category from which you want questions.

There are around 8 categories, but only 4 are available for free users. These 4 categories are more than enough for a normal game, but if you are looking for some naughty, couple, and some extreme questions then you might have to buy the in-app question pack which unlocks 4 news adult categories for $9.99.

Once you are done selecting the categories, you can add the players and begin with the came. You can now use your phone to spin the bottle, once it spins. The player in question can select “Truth” or “Dare”. All pretty basic right? The app will now select a question itself and ask the player in question.

Such games have a lot of intense moments, back in days we just enjoyed them. But these days we love sharing them on social media or keep it in our photo or video gallery for good memories. The reason why I’ve mentioned it is, the app also allows people to record a video without leaving the interface. Thereby allowing the users to capture the perfect moment without leaving the game.

The app also comes with a leaderboard where you can see the points earned by a player. Although this seems like a useless feature, it can be helpful for small kids who often love playing a game for points. Because being ahead of their friend in their favorite game gives them huge joy.

Although built in a modern way, the app still lacks a few features.

  • If I was able to set a set of questions which would randomly be asked to a friend who’s playing the game with me.
  • It doesn’t sync data on other player’s smartphones.
  • A few questions are really dumb (They asked me to share their app as a dare on WhatsApp status, Am I a fool to do so?)
  • I had to add all the data (player details) after I uninstalled the game which seems pretty annoying in the world where there’s cloud everywhere.

2. Basic: Truth or Dare by The Rising Techie

Truth or Dare App by The Rising Techie
Basic Spin the Wheel: Truth or
Dare App

It’s ranked #2 in my list because the app allows me to add questions and questions database!

This app is one of the most downloaded Truth or Dare apps on the Google Play Store. It’s a very basic app. The app comes with around 2,500 questions which can keep the game ever lasting. However, I prefer it whenever I want to choose questions of my own as the questions in it aren’t that good.

Like the one developed by HobCore, this app also comes with a lot of features and a leaderboard. However, this looks a little simple than the above-mentioned app.

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The app is although, best suitable for kids and teenagers who have a lot of dumb questions to ask. If you are a couple or are looking for some extreme questions, you should consider the one which has been developed by HobCore.

3. Best Dirty App: Truth or Dare? by Chouic

Dirtiest Truth or Dare App
Dirtiest Truth or Dare App

Are you in a mood to play the dirtiest truth or dare game? This app by Chouic is one of the dirtiest ones available in the market. Have a dirty question in mind? This app already has it in its database.

I played more than 50 rounds and there was not a question which didn’t amuse me or my friends. They were among the dirtiest. I wish I had this app when I was in my college, I’d have had seen a lot of things I missed.

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The best thing about using it is, no matter how dirty the question is, you won’t feel shy because the app will be showing the questions to the person. The dares were really extreme and a few of the ones in the paid version of Truth or Dare by HobCore were found here too.

It comes with all the features you might need, such as adding people, leaderboard and set the intensity of the dirtiness. This app is created by keeping dirty things a guy or a girl has to do, so when adding the players you’ll also have to select the gender. Therefore, it’ll ensure that a guy won’t get a dare which is for a girl.

However, it’s a paid app and one might have to pay more for keeping those dirty questions coming in. A lot of the users have complained about the amount they were asked to pay. While I can’t comment on the price, I’d suggest using the one by HobCore if you are not willing to pay a higher amount. Their dirty questions database is wonderful!

4. Best for Kids: Truth or Dare by Marco Studios

Truth or Dare App for Kids

Whether you are a parent who is looking for a Truth or Dare app for your kid or a group of kids who want to avoid the dirty questions. Your search comes to an end here. With this app, you get a very basic set of questions which are most suitable for kids who are below 14 years.

In fact, a lot of readers who’ve used this app have asked for questions which have a better level. However, if you don’t want your kids to use the app which has questions suitable for adults then this is your best bet.

The app comes with all the cool features which your kid would surely love. But the only thing I’d suggest is, if your kid complains that the questions are very basic, then I’d suggest you download the 1st app which I’ve listed in this article. It’s because all the adult and dirty categories are locked in that app and can’t be unlocked without making a purchase.

2 thoughts on “4 Best Truth or Dare Apps for Android”

  1. There was not a college outing or trips where my friends and I didn’t play this game. It almost felt like, before 2006 when Android devices and apps like these weren’t quite popular, we weren’t able to find a bottle to spin and had to spend 2 hours to find one. These days kids and adults are so lucky, just one click and they get the bottle to spin on their smartphone. Besides, the one from Hobcore also allows people to capture images which is something I miss, I wish I had those memories where I gave really hard dares!

  2. Back when I was in high school, I used to play truth or dare with my friends and classmates. It not only helped me open up to them, but also is a reason why I became an introvert to extrovert. The game was the only reason why I was able to talk to my crush during those days. Glad to see these apps, I’m surely going to have a game during the next party at my place. I’ve installed all four of them, liking the first one more than all of the combined. Great job, TeckFlock!

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