TeckFlock Outage Issues Because of an Unknown Reason

Earlier today, a few of our readers got in touch and told us that the website has gone down and it’s not accessible. On checking, we found it to be true and the outage lasted for more than 5-6 hours which might have caused a really bad user-experience by not making the content available.

We’re sorry for that, our Technical team is checking through the server logs and troubleshooting about the issue. Once we are able to find out the root cause for the outage, we’ll try to solve the issue and also notify the reason for an issue.

Although, after multiple attempts our technical team wasn’t able to track out the reason for this, they’re still checking for things that could’ve caused this, so there’s a chance that you might have an unpleasant experience in the coming hours, but be rest assured that the website be functional once the issue is solved.

For the time being we can’t guarantee the exact time, it’ll take, because finding the reason and solving it could take hours, but we’re working hard. We’re sorry for the 6 hours of downtime, it not only has affected our revenue, but also your experience. We’ll solve this issue and make sure that it doesn’t happen again!

The possible causes for this are:

  • DDOS
  • FireWall Shutdown due to requests load.
  • Server Not Able to Handle Traffic
  • A Plugin which is vulnerable
  • WordPress Bug / Vulnerability
  • High Number of Requests on Resources
  • Increased Traffic

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