Advantages of Buying a Mini Fridge (Should You Get One?)

Were you browsing Amazon or BestBuy and saw a few great mini fridges which not only are small but look stunning too? Well, I did and after seeing the deals, I wasn’t able to resist myself from buying them. But that’s not the sole reason for buying it. There are a few reasons which makes my purchase decision justifiable.

Before I begin with the post, for those who don’t know about a compact fridge. A mini refrigerator is similar to a refrigerator but it is smaller in size. Besides the size, they also consume less energy when compared to large refrigerator. In this post, I’ll be sharing with you a few pointers which will help you think if you should get a mini fridge

1. Save Space

Do you live in a 500 sq ft dorm room or have a 300 sq ft office which is very small? Then adding a refrigerator could consume huge space and you won’t be left with space for the other important things. Well, in that case a mini fridge can really be helpful as it comes with the essential features from a refrigerator.

Besides, when paying for the rent, you pay for each of the single sq ft. So say if your rent is $2000/month for a 500 sq ft space. A french-door refrigerator consumes around 7 sq ft and a normal one with top freezer would consume around 3 sq ft. Based on the rent mentioned above, It is costing you around $4 per sq ft/month would bring the monthly rent of your refrigerator to around $12 and the yearly cost would be around $150.

2. Save Electricity

The mini fridge doesn’t come with all the functionalities of a refrigerator, which also means that it won’t be consuming power like the big refrigerators. While there are plethora energy-efficient mini fridges available in the market, even the one which isn’t energy efficient won’t consume the electricity like the large refrigerators.

The monthly savings won’t be a big number, but if you really want to calculate the savings, you’ll be saving $100-200/year on electricity.

3. Easy Portability

There are different types of mini refrigerators available in the market, few of them are 6-can mini fridges which can not just be used at home, but can also be taken during road trips or be used in a car. Well, you won’t always be using the 6-can coolers, but even if you buy the large mini fridges you will still be able to move them without making much efforts.

So if your getting the room of your sister after she’s getting married or shifting your dorm to a different floor or city or shifting your office, you’ll be able to move it easily without paying much for the shifting. So if you don’t have a permanent space and don’t plan to invest for a really long-term, then it’s a big “YES” for a mini fridge.

4. Save Money

There are several types of compact fridges, the really small ones (6-can) are available for around $40-80. If you want something which is similar to a refrigerator then you can find models from reputed brands for around $100-200 (these models will come with small space, close to 1.7 cu.) In case you want a large mini fridge then you’ll end up paying around $300-400. You can also get the one that has a freezer functionality (there are a few models which also have a separate freezer compartment). So basically, you’ll not just be saving space, electricity, but also be saving money when buying the appliance. Reduced Electricity bill is just an icing over the cake.

5. You can use them as an Outdoor Refrigerator During the Summers

During summers, Me and my friends love to chill near the pool and one of the things we do there is have “chilled beer.” However, if it wasn’t for a mini fridge, one of us had to walk to the kitchen to get the beer from the refrigerator which could create issues because it would wet the floor which wouldn’t be liked by my wife when she’s not partying. One solution to it was moving a refrigerator to the outdoors, but moving a french door refrigerator would take too much efforts and could cause damage to the appliance too. For cases like that the Mini Fridge is ideal!

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