Instant Pot Review: Why is it the Best Electric Pressure Cooker?

It is an electric pressure cooker which is programmed to be able to perform tasks which might require you to have multiple cookers or appliances. It’s a multi-cooker which can perform tasks of a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, warmer, egg maker, steamer, sterilizer, etc.

In a kitchen, we are seldom restricted to only one task. Now, if there was one machine which could do the job of almost all your appliances, wouldn’t that save you a lot of expenditure? This particular appliance does the job of all the mentioned machines so instead of buying all of them, you can buy a single machine which would be able to most of the above-mentioned tasks. This way it saves you space and money too.

Model NameUSPTitle  
Max ReviewPressure Canning, NutriboostBest for FlexibilityCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Ultra ReviewSterilizationThe King of the oldCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Duo Plus ReviewDifferent Sizing options, Ability to customize programsBest value for moneyCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Lux 60 ReviewAll Basic features of an Electric pressure cookerCheapest Instant PotCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Smart WiFiWifi Connection, Can Be Controlled by SmartphonesSmart electric pressure cookerCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Even if you buy a different machine for all the tasks, what about repairs and maintenance? I’m pretty sure that it’s easy to maintain a single device than multiple devices. Say your egg maker gets damaged in a month, then your rice cooker gets damaged, wouldn’t the repair and their maintenance cost more? That’s why my point of view, However, I do respect you if you have a different viewpoint.

Purists and chefs would rather prefer different utensils and machines for their needs. After all, there is only so much a single all-purpose machine can do. However, this is practically an all-purpose machine and will suit most of your needs and is more than sufficient to prepare most of your dishes for you.

Which is the Best Instant Pot for Me?

Just like with smartphones or any other electronic or home appliance, there’s not one model in the market. There are different models which have so many features. This section of this post will be a place where I’ll be sharing the top ones with features, pros of that model and the cons. After going through them, you’ll be able to decide which model meets all your requirements and will be able to choose the best!

Besides adding my opinion after testing all of these products, I also looked up for specific queries people had in their mind and have tried to answer them in this post. So be assured that all your questions will be answered and all your doubts will be solved. So shall we begin a short review for 6 best models I selected after testing all of them?

Instant Pot 60 Max: The Best in Flexibility

Instant Pot 60 MAX with 15 PSI which
can do pressure canning at home

The Instant Pot Max is the latest model from the company, it comes with a few features which aren’t there in the predecessors. It can cook at 15 PSI which can allow you to do home pressure canning and isn’t available in any of the other pots from the brand.

It also comes with Nutriboost technology which creates a boiling motion while cooking to break down all the nutrients in your food thereby adding nutrition and flavor to soups and bone broths. However, Pressure Canning is not approved by USDA in a lot of places around the world including many states in the US, so check up whether it’s legal in your specific area before you attempt to do it.

While the predecessors to this model, which we’ll talk about later in this post come in different quart size variants, this model doesn’t. You can only find this model with a quart size of 6 qt. The auto-steam release feature is an attractive feature if you’re someone who isn’t as adept as cooking and gets food burned at times.

The vent option has also gotten much better with this model, just click on the touchscreen and you’ll be able to vent excess steam from the machine to further control temperature and pressure. Furthermore, the model also has extremely precise temperature control which can be adjusted down to 0.5-degree Centigrade, making it suitable for the most delicate of recipes.

The product comes with a Stainless Steel cooking pot, a Steam Rack, and a lid. This model also has 13 safety features built into it including Steam Release to vent out excess pressure, Safety Lid Lock, Wireless Lid Detection, Lid Position Detection to ensure a proper seal, Overheat Protection to avoid food getting burnt, Anti-Block Shield to ensure that the lid doesn’t get stuck, Automatic Pressure Control, Pressure Indicator for more precise control, Automatic Temperature Control, Leaky Lid Detection, Self-Diagnostic capabilities, and Thermal Fuse and Electrical Fuse protection to enable cut-off during unforeseen events and help decrease the risk of fires.

Their latest product is a top of the line product for all of your needs, minus the WiFi connectivity. It has countless programmes which you can further customize to suit your own cooking needs. All in all, this is the best model which money can buy. So if you’re not low on budget and want the latest in the market then this should be the ultimate choice for all your needs combined.

I tried to explain everything here in short which has everything you need to know before buying this model. However, if you’re a research freak and wants to know more before you invest in the product, consider reading my review on the Max. It’s a detailed guide, which has all the features, pros, cons, alternatives and also answers a few questions which a potential MAX buyer might have.

  • It can cook at a high temperature of 15 PSI.
  • Nutriboost Technology to help bring out nutrients from Soups and Broths.
  • Display, Touchscreen, and Dial control for greater comfort.
  • Completely programmable and customizable to suit your needs.
  • Three modes for Steam Release.
  • Precise temperature control down to half a centigrade.
  • 13 different safety features for ease of cooking and overall safety of the product.
  • Ideal for delicate dishes.
  • Pressure Canning is not USDA approved.
  • Quite expensive than other models.
  • No WiFi connectivity for remote control.
  • Available in only one 6 quart size.

Instant Pot Lux Model: Best Budget-Friendly Electric Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Lux60: Budget Friendly Instapot
Instant Pot Lux60 V3, 6-in-one:
Budget friendly Electric Pressure Cooker

While it’s good to have an instant pot which can run multiple programs, you don’t necessarily have to spend more on something that you’re not going to use just for the sake of it. Yes, it’s better to have something and not need it, but that’s no excuse to spend way too much on an appliance that makes it easier for you to cook dishes you’re looking to prepare once in a blue moon.

If you find yourself looking for one while being short on the green, The Lux model is the most budget-friendly model. This should be your choice if you’re low on budget and can make do without so many features or programs.

This model is meant to be budget-friendly and isn’t anything exception by any means. However, it is available in three size variants, 3 Quarts, 6 Quarts, and 8 Quarts, all to suit your needs and budget better.

It can serve six needs by being a Pressure Cooker, a Rice Cooker, a Saute machine, a Steamer, a Warmer, and even a Cake Maker. It has twelve preset programmes which you can use to make your food.

However, the present controls are not customizable, so trying anything out of the box might be rather difficult. Apart from that, you can choose any of the seven given temperature settings where three of them are exclusive for Saute mode.

The pot comes with a Steamer, a Stainless Steel Cooking Pot, and Lid. It also comes with 10 safety features including Steam Release to let out excess steam and pressure, Anti-Block Shield to ensure that your lid isn’t stuck, Safety Lid Lock, Lid Position Detection, Automatic Temperature Control, Overheat (Burn) Protection, Automatic Pressure Control, Electrical Fuse and Thermal Fuse to avoid disasters, and Leaky Lid Detection to ensure a proper seal for all flavors in your dish.

While it’s very light on the pocket, it’s not the best. After all, there is a price to pay for everything, and if you want something to be cheaper you need to sacrifice something about it. In this case, it’s controls and features. However, it is more than sufficient for most quick cooking needs. In case you are ready to spend more on other models, feel free to spend on the other models below.

  • Inexpensively priced.
  • Available in Three sizes: 3,6, and 8 Quarts.
  • 12 pre-programmed cooking modes.
  • 7 temperature presets.
  • 10 Safety features.
  • Can do the job of up to six different appliances.
  • Limited to 12 pre-programmed modes.
  • Temperature cannot be adjusted beyond the seven set modes.
  • Uses Buttons which vastly limits options.
  • No display.
  • No WiFi connectivity.
  • Not ideal for delicate dishes.

Instant Pot DUO: Best All-around model

Instant Pot Duo, 7-in-one model
with 14 pre-programmed cooking

The Duo is a 7-in-one model, It replaces seven machines in your kitchen by acting as a Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Saute, and a Yogurt Maker. It also comes in three size variants, 3 Quarts, 6 Quarts, and 8 Quarts.

It is a mid-range model which greatly suits most purposes and needs for the common man and can also save you a ton of expenditure and time. While this does have it’s own shortcomings and limitations, it is best suited for those who are looking for an easy and efficient way of cooking their own food without much hassle.

This comes with more pre-programmed settings than the Lux model while still remaining comparatively cheaper than other high-end models. At the same time, in case you want more features and settings, you might consider investing a little more on the model we’ll be covering next.

The multi-cooker also cooks under high pressure, thereby drastically reducing the time required to prepare any dish. It has 14 pre-programmed cooking modes built into it to handle most dishes. It also has 12 temperatures in addition to those fourteen cooking controls which enables greater control over the dishes which you can prepare in it. However, this still is not customizable. The unit has no display and is controlled by buttons.

Perhaps the best feature of the Duo series is the Dual Pressure setting, wherein you can switch between high pressure to cook foods quickly, and lower pressures to avoid overcooking delicate foods. However, the pressure settings are still not accurate enough for gourmet dishes primarily because of the lack of finer temperature controls.

Like other models, it also has 10 safety features for safety and comfort while cooking including Steam Release, Anti-Block Shield, Safety Lid Lock, Lid Position Detection, Automatic Temperature Control, Overheat (Burn) Protection, Automatic Pressure Control, Electrical Fuse and Thermal Fuse, and Leaky Lid Detection. Apart from that, it also comes with a stainless steel pot, a steam rack, and a lid.

While this device certainly meets most needs of the common man, it can certainly get much better. However, it is the best overall electric pressure from Instant Brands even though it cannot prepare the more delicate gourmet dishes.

However, the Dual Pressure feature is a guaranteed steal, making it suitable for most purposes spare a few. In the end, if you want more features, you can check out other models below. However, this is suitable for most of your needs.

  • Comparatively economically priced.
  • Available in three size variants: 3 qt, 6 qt, and 8 qt.
  • 14 pre-programmed cooking modes.
  • 12 preset temperatures.
  • 10 in-built safety features.
  • Dual Pressure Setting capable of both high-pressure and low-pressure cooking.
  • Uses Buttons which vastly limits options.
  • No display.
  • Temperature control cannot be finer than the 12 presets.
  • Can make delicate dishes, but not suitable for gourmet dishes.
  • No WiFi connectivity.

Instant Pot DUO Plus: Best value for money

Instant Pot DUO Plus, 9-in-one model
with 15 cooking modes preloaded

The Duo Plus comes with a Large display which makes it much more accessible than other variants. This multi-cooker is a 9-in-one model and can replace 9 common kitchen appliances including Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Yogurt Maker, Egg Cooker, Sauté, Steamer, Warmer, Sterilizer, and a cake maker. As a result, this variant comes with 15 preset programmes which are controlled by the microchip present inside of the unit.

Given the multiple choices that you’ve been given here, my best bet on the “ONE” which gives you the best value for money has to be theDUO Plus. It takes care of most of your needs while specializing in a few things for those dishes which you might want to make every now and then.

The rest of them are worth the price to pay but only if you’re looking for that kind of specialty in your cuisine. Apart from that, this is more than enough to cover almost all of your needs without being a huge burned on your bank balance. In fact, it is priced just right and gives you most of the features which you can ask for.

Furthermore, the pressure and temperature in the unit can be set on the fly, making cooking even easier as this enables the cooker to cook even more delicate meals. In addition to these, it also has 12 preset temperatures. This machine is simply customizable to an extremely large extent. It is also available in three size variants, 3 Quarts, 6 Quarts, and 8 Quarts.

It has the same dual pressure feature which the DUO series is famous for. While the higher pressure setting helps cook meals faster, the low-pressure setting helps in avoiding overheating and spoiling more delicate dishes. Gourmet dishes, however, are best cooked by other means.

This model also has 10 safety features for safety and comfort while cooking including

  1. Steam Release
  2. Anti-Block Shield
  3. Safety Lid Lock
  4. Lid Position Detection
  5. Automatic Temperature Control
  6. Overheat (Burn) Protection
  7. Automatic Pressure Control
  8. Electrical Fuse
  9. Thermal Fuse
  10. Leaky Lid Detection. (Apart from that, it also comes with a stainless steel pot, a steam rack, and a lid.)

It is certainly an extra addition to the what’s precisely necessary to cook a proper meal, however, with all the extra features and added control which it gives you, it certainly is much more preferable than the other variants provided you’re willing to dish out the extra bucks for this model in addition to be willing to use the features which it offers. All these factors combined make this Instant Pots more or less, the best value for money which you can get.

  • Large Display which shows status.
  • Finer controls which can be used while cooking.
  • 15 preset cooking programmes.
  • 12 temperature settings.
  • Available in three size variants: 3 qt, 6 qt, and 8 qt.
  • Dual Pressure setting with both low and high pressure settings.
  • 10 safety features for comfort and safety.
  • Reliant on buttons, which vastly limits options.
  • Dual Pressure Setting allows for delicate dishes, but still not suitable for gourmet dishes.
  • Temperature control limited to twelve settings.
  • No WiFi capabilities.

Instant Pot Ultra: The King of old

If the Instant Pot Max hadn’t come out, this would certainly be the king. Even now, given the features and flexibility it offers, it might as well give close competition to the Instant Max, if it doesn’t win altogether. Another name for the it would probably be ‘features’ since it seems to have a never-ending list of them.

The only difference between the Ultra and the Max is that the Ultra needs more refinement and Max simply has that. Furthermore, Max also has particularly finer temperature control.

It comes with a large display and central dial where navigation is usually done by twisting and pressing the said dial. The mere presence of a dial makes the programmes in this multi-cooker much more customizable. Furthermore, the model also offers 16 different built-in programmes with temperature presets which can also be customized using the dial provided should the 21 provided ever fall short of what you want to achieve.

The model also comes in three separate size variants, 3 Quarts, 6 Quarts, and 8 Quarts. Furthermore, the pressure settings can also be customized making this one the most customizable electric pressure cooker.

The two most impressive features of this model are the Altitude adjustment and the Cooking Progress Indicator. The Altitude Adjustment takes the current altitude into account and calculates more precise cooking time automatically without any outside intervention. This is especially useful for adjustment of pressure, temperature, and cooking time which is usually done by hit and trial or calculation.

The Cooking Progress Indicator displays the progress of the current food being cooked and the amount of time left, divided into each phase which makes it much easier to understand and cook the recipes which you want to. All these features make the Ultra one of the most utilitarian pots to be ever built.

Furthermore, the lid is also equipped with a quick release button which enables you to release steam from the device either continuously or in pulses in addition to the automated steam release which really helps in being more accurate with your dishes. This seal will lock itself again when the lid is opened or closed.

Apart from this, the model comes with the standard stainless steel boiling vessel, a steam rack, and a lid. It also has eleven safety features to ensure safety and comfort while cooking so that your dishes don’t get spoilt including automatic steam release, thermoelectric fuses, and overheat protection.

All in all, The Ultra is more or less the mechanical version of the Max. It is rather obvious to see how this qualifies to be the old king and gives Max a run for its money. This one is perfect for those looking for a variety of features and especially for those with more complex taste buds who would like to prepare delicate meals with greater ease in lesser time and effort.

  • Large Display.
  • Uses a dial for controls.
  • Available in 3 qt, 6 qt, and 8 qt sizes.
  • 16 preset cooking programmes.
  • 21 temperature presets which are further customisable.
  • 3 pressure controls.
  • Altitude Adjustment for better cooking.
  • 11 safety features for comfort and safety.
  • Cooking Progress Indicator for better tracking of cooking time and the steps involved.
  • Quick Release Button for enhanced steam and pressure control.
  • Temperature control enables cooking gourmet dishes but makes it difficult.
  • Most mechanisms are mechanical and are liable to jamming.
  • Comparatively expensive.
  • Not WiFi enabled.

Instant Pot Smart WiFi: The Smart Electric Pressure Cooker

While Instant pots themselves are already smart, The Smart WiFi model is what you get when you make them even smarter and equip it with all the latest technology which you can stuff into it. In short, the Smart WiFi is an Internet of Things enabled device which means that it is capable of being controlled and monitored by your smartphone or a Virtual Assistant, making things even more effortless. While it is not nearly as packed with features as the rest of them, this certainly has an edge which none of the other ones do.

This model also has a large display and relies on buttons for its functionality. However, it can also be controlled by a phone on the same WiFi network as the multi-cooker itself, making it much simpler to use it without even being around it.

It features thirteen pre-programmed cooking modes and twelve temperature settings in total. However, the advantage of the device lies in the fact that it can be controlled via your smartphone. In addition to this, you can also share access to the device with your family members using family sharing options.

Apart from this, the instapost comes with the standard lid, steam rack, and stainless steel cooking utensil. It also comes with eleven safety features including:

  • Steam Release
  • Anti-Block Shield
  • Safety Lid Lock
  • Lid Position Detection
  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Overheat (Burn) Protection
  • Automatic Pressure Control
  • Electrical and Thermal Fuses
  • Leaky Lid Detection
  • Self-Diagnosis (To let you know where the problem is so that you can solve it yourself.)

While the Smart WiFi model is quite highly priced, it doesn’t really have many features to show for it. Furthermore, it is only available in the 6 Quarts size. The only advantage which it has over other multi-cookers is the fact that it can be controlled remotely and doesn’t need constant personal supervision. Whether the hefty price to pay is worth the remote control and WiFi connectivity features or not is a decision which I’ll let you make for yourself.

  • Display enabled.
  • Can connected to an assigned smartphone over WiFi. Can be remote controlled.
  • 13 pre-programmed cooking modes.
  • 12 temperature presets.
  • 11 safety features for safety and comfort.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Only available in the 6 Quarts size.
  • Temperature and pressure control not broad enough for more delicate dishes.
  • Uses buttons which limit the functionality of the device as even wireless controls are based on buttons.

These were all the instant pots that I found to be the best for different purposes after extensive hours of testing each and every one of them. Now that you’ve read the complete guide. You know which model is perfect for your needs and most suited for you. Kindly consider buying them from the affiliate links here and helping me out through a small commission which won’t cost you anything extra. Although, you can avoid using the affiliate links if you didn’t like the content.

Why should you buy an Instant pot?

A lot of people ask me this question, Why should I buy one when I can have different utensils for different products, the answer to it is.

It is a device which can save you a lot of time and money in more ways than one. For starters, it can easily replace most utensils in your kitchen, saving you a lot of money and space to store said utensils.

It can save you the expense behind utensils meant for boiling, steaming, frying, saute, baking cakes, making yogurts, and even roasting in some special cases. Now that most of your needs are already being fulfilled by one device, would you really want to have a vast assortment of pans and ovens at your disposal?

Beyond that, it can easily create many of your dishes for you and it can do it faster simply because of the added pressure that is built in the device. Most of them have pre-programmed cooking methods built into them which can be used to make the dish of your choice combined with additional controls from your end.

What’s more, it also cooks under high pressure, meaning that you can actually cook your meal faster than conventional meals without spoiling it. You always reserve the choice of cooking at lower pressures if you wish to take your time with a delicate dish. All of it takes practically next to no effort from your end and gives you food faster without much sacrifice to the taste. That sounds like the perfect recipe for an energetic day where you have more time to save than not.

In the end, They operate on electricity and not gas. This means that you not only save on Gas bills, but you also save up on electricity bills as well because of low wattage equipment and shorter cooking times.

Now at the end of it all, if you’d still prefer the conventional pan and flame over the model, that’s completely your wish, but it still remains a powerful addition to your kitchen especially when you’re looking for a quick meal and don’t want to spend much energy on it.

Things to consider when buying an Instant Pot

The Instant electric pressure cooker is designed to save you time, effort, and money. Hence, it is important that you go for an Instant pot that suits all your purposes, without being a burden on your expenses and serving all your needs.

Make a note to not go for the models which are more than required either as they will inevitably be wasted if you don’t intend to use half of the given features. You can instead use your money elsewhere. Now here are the things to keep in mind before you purchase one.

  • Temperature control: Temperature and Pressure are the most basic things when it comes to cooking any meal. It would hence follow that a good one should have finer temperature controls which come closer to suit your needs for the things which you want to cook. The best model (Max, Ultra) can control the temperature right down to half a degree.
  • Pressure Control: Pressure is also an equally important factor in cooking. If your pressure is high, your food will cook much quicker. However, a pressure which is too high will inevitably spoil a more delicate dish. Just like how Poultry leg and breasts require different pressures and cooking times, the model should have provisions for all sorts of dishes and the pressures which they require.
  • Preset Food modes: One of the things which they are known for is their ease of use. You don’t need to put in much effort to get good results. Hence, before you buy, check if it has all the Instant food presets which you might need.
  • Size: Make sure that the model you select can handle all your requirements when it comes to the quantity of food that it can prepare. Bigger might be better but leaving extra room to spare also has its own disadvantages.
  • Build quality: Since you’ll be eating food in it, it’s best to go for the one which is not only sturdy but is also built using materials which are healthy for consumption. It should also be easy to clean since hygiene is a big factor in maintaining health.
  • Energy Consumption: There’s nothing special here. The lower the better.
  • Your local laws: Some technologies used in them may be banned in your local areas, so check up with them before proceeding to buy one. For example, many states in the US have banned Pressure Canning. Fact: Instant Pot’s Sterilizing can kill all bacteria
  • Cost: Again, nothing special here. If it offers you the same features at a lower price, go for that, as would be obvious.
  • Warranty: Finally, the most overlooked aspect of buying anything. Make sure that the one you’re buying has warranty and customer support available in your area. The following have got valid two-year warranties and customer service available all over the globe.

Answers to All Doubts Regarding Instant Pots

Does it reduce cooking time?

Yes, it reduces cooking time by increasing the pressure at which the food is being cooked. Things get cooked faster at higher pressures than at lower pressures according to a law of matter known as Boyle’s ideal gas law. They simply exploit the same mechanism.

Does cooking in it have any disadvantages?

Cooking in an electric pressure cooker does have a few minor disadvantages. Once cooking has started, you can’t pause or switch it up. You cannot even observe what’s going on inside of it. You can’t add any other ingredients to it. Also, the flavor might end up a little lacking because of the faster cooking. Furthermore, it won’t exactly help you become adept at cooking yourself. It’ll just be a quick means to feed you.

What is the minimum amount of liquid needed?

Conventionally, one needs a fifth of the volume of the food to be liquid, water or otherwise. However, you don’t really need to follow this rule and it’s more or less fine if there is enough liquid to cover the bottom and survive the entire cooking duration. Take a cup of water just for measure.

How to avoid food getting burnt in an Electric Pressure cooker?

Food generally gets burnt when there is too less water in the instant pot. Make sure there is more water when you start cooking. Otherwise, perhaps you’re using the wrong, pressure, temperature, or cooking time for your food. Make sure to not overcook your food or under higher temperature or a pressure less than intended.

Can frozen food be cooked without defrosting?

Yes, frozen foods simply have solid water around them. Defrosting is also merely applying heat to thaw or melt the ice around them. You can simply start cooking and it would probably take a little more time than usual to pressurize and heat the pot, but once it starts, the food will be cooked in the same amount of time as it would otherwise.

Why does it take long for the pot to come to pressure?

Pressure is usually determined by the quantity of food present. If it has more food, it will take longer to pressurise. As it stands, liquids and gasses are harder to pressurise than solids, so make sure than you’re adding sufficient water, but not too much to avoid longer pressurising times.

Is it safe to cook in it?

Yes, They are completely safe to use. The have tons of features to help protect the user against the extreme pressures and temperatures inside the pot. And in case anything was to fail too severely, the pots have both thermal and electrical fuses to make sure than it can be averted by rendering the device unusable until they are changed.

What kind of cooking accessories can I use?

In short, you can use any accessory as long as it can fit inside and lets the lid be closed. However, if you use them wrong, you might end up damaging the device. Therefore, it is always best if you use only accessories meant for it including cooking pots, steaming racks, roasting racks, frying pots and others which you can find recommended along with the pots themselves.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me about them in the comments below.

22nd February Update: We removed the term “Instapot” and used the term “Instant pot”

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