Why Does Showbox Still Rule the Video Streaming Market? (Reasons)

Have you ever seen a part of TV series or a movie on the Internet and tried searching for it on your favorite streaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu or even Amazon Prime and felt sad on not being able to find it? This has happened with me and not just once, but it has happened multiple times. That’s where Showbox and apps like it comes into the picture.

Besides being able to find, there’s another problem we face when it comes to TV shows and Movies streaming apps. Say, you have subscription of Netflix and the TV show which you want to watch is only exclusive to Amazon Prime. Wouldn’t you have to buy a subscription of Amazon Prime to be able to watch it?

To be honest, I watch a lot of TV shows and movies and have faced the above-mentioned issues a lot of times. I also have subscriptions of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and a few other popular streaming apps. But, it doesn’t end at paying for a single time. Once the month comes to an end, you’ll have to renew the subscription to be able to use those apps. Imagine paying for 3 streaming services/month for a year. Isn’t it costly?

A few months back, the app and the sites which allowed to download it went through a lawsuit and all the websites which hosted the APK file ended up losing search rankings. It was also mentioned then that “Is Showbox Dead?”

1. No need to buy subscriptions of various Streaming services

Well, for rich people it’s not a big deal, but for people who aren’t, it is. One wouldn’t want to pay for 3 services just for watching his favorite show. However, if you want to watch it, there’s no legal way to watch it without buying a subscription. And even after having a subscription of all, there’s no way to access content from a single place. One will have to open the respective apps and use the search feature to look for their favorite show.

How Showbox solves this problem? The app is completely free of cost and doesn’t charge you for downloading or streaming your favorite TV show or movie. However, it is recommended to use a VPN to avoid your ISP from knowing what you’re watching. It’s because Showbox isn’t a legal app and could put you into a legal trouble. I’m sure, that the legal trouble isn’t worth the 40 minutes of the TV show or 2 hrs of a movie you downloaded using the app.

2. Watch content from different streaming providers from a Single app

That’s where Showbox and apps like it come into picture. Once installed on their Android Device or Android TV you’ll be able to watch content from Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming services from a single app. Forget 3 subscriptions that I talked about earlier, you don’t even have to pay for one service.

How Showbox solves this problem? The Showbox app has the largest collection of movies and TV shows on the internet. Besides, it also has content which you can find on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and other streaming apps. Name the movie or TV show and you’ll be able to find it on the platform. The good thing is, even after having multiple subscriptions you might have to go across different apps and use their internal search whereas in Showbox, you can just make a quick search and get to the watching part.

3. Content Lock in Other Countries

Netflix, Amazon Prime and a lot of other streaming services are available in multiple countries. However, I’ve seen a lot of content from the US not being available to the UK users or users in the other countries. So say, you watch Shameless and just moved into middle east or Asia, You won’t be able to watch the latest season because Amazon Prime only has license for showing the series upto Season 6 in the non-US region.

How Showbox Solves this problem? Well, no matter what country you live in, you can just find the latest episode of your favorite season. For instance, I cross checked a few TV shows with the official streaming apps in UK and was able to find that, no matter what, Showbox always had the latest way before the official makers could launch in the non-US countries.

4. Download and Watch it Anywhere

One issue with the streaming apps is, each of the comes with an UI of their own. Also, The content you download using these apps won’t be available to you outside the app. Even if it is, you’ll have to dig deep to find it. So if you are a Netflix user who has already download an episode from your favorite season in your smartphone, but want to watch it on the TV. You won’t be able to transfer it, it’s not just smartphone to TV, you can’t even transfer the files to your computer system.

However, in case of Showbox, you can download the show or movie, once you’ve downloaded it, you can play it within the app or use other players like Mx Player, VLC or even the stock video player to be able to play the content. You can also transfer it to your computer system and watch the show on a bigger screen. That’s how it solves the problem of not being able to transfer shows to a different device!

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