10 Best 3/4 Motorcycle Helmets in 2020 [Open Face Models ONLY]

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Decided to buy a 3/4 motorcycle helmet? While you were busy riding your motorbike, We tested 42 different three quarter helmets to make this ultimate list. So if you are looking for the best model, this is the list!

If safety is your primary concern, you should consider getting a full-face motorcycle helmet. However, wearing the best motorcycle helmets for long routes and short trips inside the city traffic can give you a feeling of a choke (no ventilation) and people who wear glasses (visibility issues) might require them to remove them before putting it. That’s why many people prefer it. If you also have considered buying a 3/4 helmet because of great ventilation, better visibility and they are lightweight. Let’s begin?

We’ve reviewed, tested, compared and finally made this list of the 10 best 3/4 motorcycle helmets in the US market. This list meets the rules, certifications and certain standards in the US.

Before we begin!

A 3/4 helmet is safe, but not the safest motorcycle helmet style. It provides protection on 3 sides (back, side, and top) unlike full face helmets that provide protection on all 4 sides (front, back, sides, and top.)

The Best 3/4 Motorcycle Helmets (Open Face Helmets)

As there are so many different designs to select from, ambiguity comes automatically. So, here we’re listing the best 3/4 motorcycle helmets for selecting the most appropriate helmet for road expedition. Let us now have a view at the Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmets (3/4) reviews for enhanced safety and stylish looks.

1. Best 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet: Bell Custom 500 Open Face

BELL Custom 500 Helmet (Matte Black - Large)
  • Multi-density EPS liner
  • Low-profile fiberglass composite shell
  • 5 shell and EPS liner sizes ensure a low-profile look
  • Integrated 5-snap pattern for aftermarket shields and visors
  • DOT approved. Meets the FMVSS 218 Standard
Model Year2008
Shell TypeLow-Profile Fiberglass Composite Shell
Weight3.65 lbs
Warranty5 years
Colors10 different colors
CertificationsDOT and ECE certification

The Bell Custom 500 3/4 helmet is known to have a fabrication of strong fiberglass shell which has EPS liner for a stylish look. The shell comes with 5 layers for complete protection while riding the bike.

The anti-bacterial interior prevents any head infection and wipes out the sweat that accumulates over time.

Due to its excellent durability and sturdy features, The helmet is also approved by DOT, ECE and also follows the FMVSS 218 standards.

The inner padding is supported by a chin strap along with closure during excessive sunlight or rain.

It is known for keeping intact the vintage-look with the modern evolvements which ensures that there is no compromise with the safety features & the overall standard is still maintained. The helmet is designed in elliptical like oval shape accompanied by 5 shells & exquisite look.

The highly strong composite carbon shell is available in different sizes along with polyurethane foam for extensive safety purpose. So, if you’re in search of a perfect mix of retro style and excellent safety measures, this helmet should be a great choice.

There are 10 different color combinations which you shall consider when buying one, they are Gloss Silver Flake, Gloss Vintage White, Matte Grey Primer, Pulse Gross Black/Blue/Red, Rally Gloss Black/Bronze, Solid Black Flake, Solid Gloss Black, Solid Matte Black, Orange Flake, Stripes Pearl White


  • The built-up of the helmet is sturdy and robust. 
  • The extreme lightweight of the helmet enhances the riding ability of biker without much discomfort.
  • For comforting, a helmet is endowed with EPS liner for extra comfort during driving. 
  • The helmet can suit any biker & is ultra-stylish. 


  • The presence of graphics on the helmet is of poor quality and barely visible.
  • There have been many complaints about the inadequate sizing of the helmet.

2. Best Runner Up 3/4 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet: HJC IS-33 2

One of the best 3/4 motorcycle helmets, The HJC IS-33 II, is known for its ability to offer excellent face & head protection. Its polyurethane padding can fight against fierce winds and safeguards the biker from UV rays too. The lightweight feature of this helmet ensures comfortable fitting using CAD technology.

In case of unavoidable accidents, the 6-layer foam coating ensures impact absorption, hence preventing any head injury even in the worst cases. One of the aerodynamic shells from these has a big eyespot for great visibility. The ventilation system is fully centralized & is ACS controlled (Advanced Channelling System).

During high pollution & smog problems, the smoke-tinted sun shield retracts and enhances breathing tendency. This helmet is DOT certified, and the swapping of the shield will not let sun rays to enter inside. Being such a high utility asset, this helmet is rated at 4.6 stars out of 5 by the reviewers. 

HJC IS-33 II motorcycle helmet has a supercooling antibacterial fabrication for dissipation of moisture, dirt, and sweat. Due to this the interior of the helmet remains free from any foul odor.


  • The polycarbonate composite shell enhances the durability of the helmet and prevents its breakage during a fall. 
  • The helmet ensures easy breathing & comfort for the bikers.
  • The visor of the helmet enables clear visibility from the front. 
  • It is endowed with a shield replacement system during a quick slide. 


  • It is considered a bit unsafe during risky rides.
  • The padding on the inner side of the helmet is quite thin.

3. Best Premium Three Quarter Helmet: Shoei J-Cruise

Shoei Solid J-Cruise Touring Motorcycle Helmet - Matte Black/X-Large
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Size: X-Large
  • Shoei Solid J-Cruise Touring Helmet
  • 2013 Model
  • DOT approved. Meets the FMVSS 218 Standard

The Shoei J-Cruise helmet is featured by a chin strap system, strap holder, ventilation system & UV resistant visor. The shell covering is fabricated by polycarbonate material and is endowed with EPS covering. The EPS and shell covering enhances the safety of the helmet & makes it a bestseller in the market. 

The helmet comes in an oval shape and is available in different sizes of the shell. Many of the open face helmets do not possess any safety certification, but the Shoei J-Cruise helmet is DOT approved. Hence, it has withstood excessive testing conditions & came out with all the necessary features.

If we discuss the aerodynamics of Shoei J-Cruise, it comes to the notice that it is completely checked for the high-speed parameters of drag and lift. Generally, it has come into the notice that open-face helmets create excessive noise due to the absence of chin-bar and strap shield. 

But, that does not happen with Shoei J-Cruise helmet, because it has a long shield for the face which safeguards a major portion of the face and restricts headwinds. This helmet is rated at 4.5 stars out of 5 by the customers because of its easy availability in the market & high robustness. 


  • The interiors of the helmet are well accustomed to sweat problems while driving. 
  • It has the best ventilation system out of all the helmets.
  • The padding is anti-bacterial in the interior of the helmet. 
  • The shell of the helmet is extremely lightweight and easy to carry. 


  • There is an absence of chin bar for the support of chin.

4. Best Lightweight 3/4 Helmet: LS2 OF569 Track

LS2 Helmets 569-3014 Track Solid Open Face Motorcycle Helmet with Sunshield (Matte Black, Large)
  • open face ¾ design shell offers protection combined with a wide field of visibility prevents that claustrophobic feeling
  • built-in twin shield system sun shield makes it easy to control how much air and light you want at the slide of a switch
  • dot approved. meets the fmvss 218 standard, product also meets requirements imposed by the california air resources board (carb)
  • fully adjustable flow-through ventilation gives you control over the elements
  • lightweight high pressure thermoplastic technology (hptt) shell meets and exceeds both dot and ece standards
  • Fit type: Universal

The LS2 OF569 track helmet is a terrific design for racing enthusiasts with all the necessary features that promises safety and a premium look. It is having both DOT and ECE certification due to the usage of lightweight material made of kinetic polymer alloy. The 3/4 design of open face helmet ensures combined effects of protection & a wide range of visibility. 

The claustrophobic feeling is not an issue with this helmet because of its fabulous ventilation system. The twin shield system protects from UV rays of sun & keep a check on the amount of air passing through the ducts for freshness. The buckle enables extra flexibility while driving and ensures the sizing of the helmet according to face and speeds.

For ensuring complete control over the parameters of driving, the LS2 uses an optical face-shield to restrict the reverse winds. The shield is perfectly designed for resisting fog issues during winters and dust resistance during summers. This rapid-release system allows to discard and reboot the shield for the face with no use of tools.

This helmet is having a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 by the customers. The inflow and outflow vents of the helmet are super flexible according to the face size of the rider.


  • It is extremely lightweight on the head. 
  • The HPTT (High Pressure Thermoplastic Technology) prevents the helmet from pressure variations in the interior.
  • The visor on the front of the helmet is glare and scratch-resistant. 
  • It is having a chin guard controlled by a lever for adjusting with the front controls. 


  • The outer shell is not at all durable.
  • Its size is not proportionate with the head of the biker.

5. Best Value for Money: Biltwell Bonanza Open Face

Biltwell Bonanza DOT Certified Open-Face-Helmet-Style Helmet (Flat Black, Medium) - BH-BLK-FL-DOTMD
  • Injection-molded ABS outer shell with hand-painted finish
  • Expanded polystyrene inner shell
  • Hand-sewn, removable, brushed Lycra liner with contrasting diamond-stitched, quilted, open-cell foam padding
  • Rugged, plated Steel D-ring neck strap with adjustment strap end retainer
  • Rubber or chrome accent edging. DOT certified

With an almost 5-star rating by the customers, Biltwell Bonanza open face helmet is the best of all the helmets available in the market. It is very light in weight while driving and is customized using hand-painted designs and colors. The EPS safety shell is responsible for the certification of DOT standardization.

The markings on the helmet for maintaining friction are embedded by hand-stitched liners which are moisture absorbing. For cladding, brushed panels of Lycra are used which forms a chrome trim over the black edge on rubber. The D-rings are made of plated steel for snapping retainer on the helmet to make it strong and sturdy. 

The Bonanza helmet has been designed to fit everyone’s style and head needs. One should not feel the burden of carrying a helmet while driving. Therefore, it endows the usage of foam that is light in weight along with robustness.

One can question the black paint used on this Bonanza helmet as black is a good absorber of heat. However, here, black color is used as a thick film for safeguarding lives during accidents as an impact absorber. Excessive collection of heat due to black color is taken care of by the subsiding foam layer below the helmet through dissipation phenomenon.


  • The liners of the helmet are removable and replaceable. 
  • It is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear while driving.
  • The inner shell is fabricated with expanded polystyrene for extending the durability of the helmet. 
  • It follows DOT safety standards. 


  • The outer shell is prone to scratches and marks.
  • It is not having any lock for adjusting with the size of the face while wearing.

6. Best Glossy 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet: Biltwell Inc. Bonanza

Biltwell Bonanza Half Helmet (Gloss Black, Large)
  • Injection-Molded abs outer shell with hand-painted finish
  • Expanded polystyrene inner shell
  • Hand-Sewn removable brushed Lycra liner with contrasting diamond-stitched quilted open-cell foam padding
  • Rugged plated steel d-ring neck strap with adjustment strap end retainer
  • Meets dot safety standards

The hand-painted Biltwell Inc. Bonanza is one of the most flexible and economic helmets present in the market. It is very light on the head and surpasses US DOT standards by miles. The helmet fits right on the head without any discomfort. It is an excellent blend of modern technology with a classic look.

The liner is removable and hand-stitched with the capability to absorb moisture and prevent blurry visions. You can easily wash the liner and stay hygienic. Its open-cell foam padding provides comfortable breathing. The EPS shell inside the helmet is customized to provide superior protection on the road.

With expanded polystyrene inner shell and injection-model ABS outer shell, it is one of the secure helmets available. It comes with painted steel D-rings and strap retainer for googles which magnify the retro look for anyone. The rubber and chrome accent gives it a slick look which makes it an apple of an eye for bikers.

The only problem with the helmet might be the lack of proper ventilation for the enclosed head portion as it does not contain air intake vents. However, despite the lean and lighter modification, the helmet does not compromise with durability. With five out of five stars and positive reviews of the users, it stands as one of the unmatched products in the market.


  • Removable liner, easy to clean.
  • Economical price.
  • Light on the head.
  • Lycra panels to absorb moisture and sweat.


  • Lacks ventilation for covered head portion.

7. Best Open Face Helmet for Street Riders: SHARK Helmets STREET-DRAK

SHARK Helmets Street-DRAK Street Neon Matte Helmet
  • Ultra high-tech helmet featuring two materials and two colors. Street Fighter inspired.
  • Slim-fit shell specially design to match the skull shape as closely as possible. Light weight, balanced, aerodynamic design.
  • Micro-tech interior under AEGIS* license.
  • Ultra Thin Frame and Full Vision Goggles with double anti-fog visor. Face mask and goggles Quick Release System.
  • DOT approved. 5 Years Warranty.

With a striking resemblance to the fighter jet’s helmet and dual-color, SHARK Helmets STREET-DRAK is one of the most stylish helmet available in the market. The skull-fit design provides a comfortable and light fitting to the head, and aerodynamics are fantastic.

The compact fitting helmet comes with a face mask and goggles for a full-face helmet type look if the user desires. Both of those are easily removable to give the intended open-face helmet appearance.

  • Shell Type: Slim Fit (Light weight, balanced, aerodynamic design.)
  • Weight: 5.71 pounds
  • Warranty: 5 years.
  • Certifications: DOT certified

The goggles are fog-free, and scratch resistant with ease of maneuver upon wearing, they do not obstruct with cheek pads. Its mask is ideal for preventing dust, debris, and flies from entering the mouth. However, regardless of the facemask and goggles, it still does not provide the safety of full-face helmets. It is not appropriate for off-roading and speeding.

The helmet is dual-material integrated with DOT approved, which makes it ideal for roads and grants a decent level of protection. This helmet comes with AEGIS certified anti-bacterial properties micro-tech, boosting the hygienic aspect of the product. It can also absorb moisture and encompasses an excellent ventilation system for the head.

This helmet comes with a warranty for 5 years and lightweight fitting for the head.


  • Antibacterial and moisture-absorbing properties of the inner material.
  • Street Fighter design which resembles a fighter jet’s helmet for aviation enthusiasts.
  • High quality detachable goggles and face mask.
  • Skull-fit with great ventilation.


  • Not ideal for offroading.
  • A little higher on the price range.

8. Best Value for Money: Daytona Open Face Helmet Cruiser

Daytona Helmets 3/4 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet – DOT Approved [Dull Black] [M]
  • Smallest DOT-approved 3/4 shell helmet ever made; Meets & exceeds D.O.T. FMVSS 218 safety standards
  • Biker helmet provides superior impact protection with nylon strap retention & quick-release system
  • Cruiser motorcycle helmet has 3 shell sizes & employs 9 helmet padding sizes ranging from 2XS to 4XL
  • Proper biker headgear & riding gear for safety & comfort on motorcycles, cruisers, scooters & mopeds
  • Moisture-wicking inner liner fabric help keep your head cool and comfortable for warm weather riding

The Daytona Open Face Helmet Cruiser comes with a highly versatile size range to fit all kinds of individuals. It has far surpassed the DOT FMVSS 218 certification. Despite being one of the lower-profile helmets, it deserves to be on the list for its fantastic quality. The helmet is lift-free, even at high speeds which even the most prestigious companies fail to achieve.

It proves the perfect fitting the helmet provides, and the sizes it comes with only makes it a superior masterpiece. The custom-built interior offers excellent ventilation to the users, and it does not let the sweat and moisture stick around for long. It comes with snap-on goggles and quick release lock for the visor.

In other words, use the bubble visors if you desire and easily one-finger snap them to remove them if you want to feel the winds brushing against your face. The company is so confident on their product that they offer 90-days money back guarantee for their helmet.

The company also boasts excellent protection for the head, which is impressive but not as good as the full-face helmets. It is still an excellent option for the helmet as the slick design and coloring easily cloak the mushroom look of the helmet.

The product comes with adjustable straps to prevent the discomfort of pinching and pulling. One can easily adjust them above or below their chin and still retain great fit. The helmets of the company also come with variant themes and colors, which are great collectibles.

  • Weight: 3.65 lbs
  • Tested: 36 times (Under Laboratory)
  • Chin Strap: D-Rings
  • Weight: 2.3 pounds.
  • Warranty: 5 years.
  • Certification: DOT, FMVSS 218


  • Lift-free fitting, even at high speeds.
  • Adjustable strap.
  • Easily removable visors and bubble strap-on goggles.
  • Options of different sizes for the perfect fit.


  • Liner is not removable.
  • Not easy to clean or maintain, unlike other helmets.

9. 3-in-1 Full-Face, Three Quarter, Half: ScorpionExo Covert Open Face Helmet

ScorpionEXO Covert Open Face Half Shell 3/4 Mode Motorcycle Helmet Dot Approved Solid Adult Unisex (Matte Black - X-Large)
  • SHELL: Advanced Polycarbonate Shell: Developed exclusively by Scorpion, our industry-leading polycarbonate shell is engineered to minimize weight and disperse impact. Dual Density EPS
  • COMFORT: Aero-Tuned Ventilation System. KwikWick II Comfort Liner: Keeps you cool and dry in warm weather, warm in cool weather Liner is easily removable and washable.
  • VISION: EverClear SpeedView Drop-Down SunVisor: Retractable tinted sun-visor that eases eye strain instantly in varying light conditions. Anti-fog coated for a fog-free ride. Comes with a dark smoke Sunvisor installed and an additional clear Sunvisor for night-time riding!
  • VERSATILITY: Removable rear comfort sleeve INCLUDED. Removable front mouth/chin guard protector with Neodymium Magnets. Block-off Plates INCLUDED For use in 3/4 Mode. Optional mouth/chin protection guard styles are available (sold separately).
  • SAFETY: Double D-Ring chin strap system. Block-off plates INCLUDED for use in 3/4 Mode. DOT FMVSS No. 218 Certified. 5-Year Warranty.

To use it as 3/4 motorcycle helmet, you should use the Block-off plates which the company has included. You can check the manual for learning how to use them.

ScorpionExo Covert Unisex helmet is truly a masterpiece with the option to be used as an open-face and full-face helmet. It does not compromise with the protection in any form, and that is what helmets are for. The advanced LG polycarbonate shell provides fantastic durability which can withstand heavy crashes and damage to the head. To further enhance the security of the helmet, it comes with a dual-density EPS liner.

  • Model Number: Cov-0105
  • Shell Type: Exclusive LG Polycarbonate shell
  • Visor: Retractable tinted sun-visor
  • Weight: 3.97 pounds
  • Warranty: 3 years.

If ventilation is your concerned regarding the look of this helmet, don’t worry. The helmet comes with all three styles; Full face, open face, and modular design. All of the looks provide decent comfort and fitting to the user. It contains the ducts behind the head and allows the air to pass through visor and mask.

The aero-tuned ventilation system allows the EPS lines to channel the air with the help of two forehead vents. Its visor comes with sun-tinted protection and clear view option for the night, with dark smoke instigated and sliding function. The anti-fog screen, along with excellent ventilation is a fantastic combination. Its face mask works with neodymium magnets to attach to the helmet, and it is convenient to remove or put on. 

The antimicrobial property of liner also makes it a clean helmet which prevents moisture and sweat. They are easily removable along with the cheek pads for a wash. It is the most flexible and an all-rounder helmet present in the market, but its protection is still not as good as a full-faced. After all, nothing is perfect, but it is a great bargain.


  • Three customizable looks.
  • Fantastic ventilation.
  • EPS liner and LG Polycarbonate protection.
  • Anti-microbial internal material.


  • It is not as strong as full-face helmets, despite the option for the look.
  • Does not prevent noise.

10. Best HJC 3/4 Helmet: HJC IS-5 Open Face Helmet

  • Shell: Advanced polycarbonate composite shell  
  • Weight: Light-weight
  • Fully removable cheek pads and liner, Double D-Ring Chin Strap
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Certification: DOT approved

Are you a Star Wars fan? Because this HJC IS-5 helmet will look good in your collection if you are. It is a licensed Star Wars helmet available in the market, and it was worn by Joe Dameron in the franchise. HJC helmets are known for working with a franchise like Marvel and Star Wars regarding the full-face helmets. It is famous for Spiderman, Venom and Iron-man designer helmets.

Regardless of the trendy style, it is made up of polycarbonate shells for lightweight and composite design. The helmet is officially DOT approved and offers excellent resistance against crash and falls. It comes with HJ-V8 sun shield which protects against ultraviolet rays and other debris. The moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial fabric is a big plus for the helmet. 

It quickly absorbs moisture and discards the frequent need to clean the helmet. The cheek pads are also removable for washing purpose. It is trendy with a sleek design and traditional style with high quality graphics. The helmet provides a broad view range for the wearers. 

Rejoice the sensation of operating T-70 or X-wing fighter pilot sensation with the helmet that has received 4.5 stars out of five. It comes with 3-snap visors for better options and three different sizes for perfect fitting.


  • StarWars, T-70, X-wing fighter franchise model.
  • HJ-V8 Sun Shield and 3 snap visors.
  • Anti-bacterial material.


  • Lacks innovative ventilation; it is ideal for an open-face helmet.
  • Does not have facemask equipping option.

The Verdict

Like mentioned-above, this helmet style isn’t the safest. But it also isn’t unsafe like half-helmets. 3/4 or Open Face helmets come with great ventilation, better visibility, and are lightweight which makes them perfect for in-city rides, people who wear glasses, for routes that have high traffic and pollution. The list includes the best models available, they’ve been tested by experts and have been a choice for a lot of professional motorbike riders!

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