Apple Assigned Frank Casanova as a Head of Marketing for Apple’s AR division

For many of us, AR is Pokémon Move and little else. However, for Apple, it is a Significant part of the organization’s future.

Apple recently assigned Frank Casanova, former direct for iPhone Partner Marketing, right into a brand new function: Head of Product Marketing to AR, Bloomberg reported Tuesday.

Casanova altered his LinkedIn profile bio to reflect the new name. “I am accountable for all facets of Product Marketing for Apple’s Augmented Reality Representative,” the bio states.

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Casanova, an Apple veteran of 30 decades, was there to its first iPhone launching in 2007. And before that, he served almost ten years as Senior Manager for MacOS X Pictures, Audio and Video.

The simple fact that Casanova has become the encounter behind Apple’s AR advertising attempts is telling. It is still another sign that the business has huge plans for its tech — and it might consist of new hardware and software products, in addition to solutions, later on.

Apple was pushing AR as a significant characteristic for many years, starting its AR growth stage, ARKit, at 2017. The stage got a ton of important improvements from iOS 12.

Apple plans to establish iPhones using a laser-based 3D camera when 2020. Such a camera could enhance the iPhone’s Face ID attribute, but could mostly be utilized for enhancing AR, allowing for superior positioning of virtual objects onto the telephone’s screen

Bloomberg Reported

Additionally, the giant might be working in an AR headset, that may also arrive from 2020. Even the rumors of the legendary apparatus have apparently been flying about eternally , however, and so are yet to unveil in any real life way.

In reality, Apple CEO Tim Cook taken down the rumors concerning the cans rear in 2017. However he’s been pointing outside AR because of essential technology, possibly as large since the smart phone itself.

As always, it is difficult to tell exactly what Apple is around — that the company does not speak about unreleased goods, and a lot of its rivals tried their hands in VR/AR hardware, even together with bad results. However, the organization is certainly up to something. All of the indications are all there, and we all may just hear far more about Apple’s AR attempts when next year.

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