Leading the Pack: Veriheal Registers 50,000 Patients Nationwide For Medical Marijuana

In the search for a medical marijuana provider you have found us, Veriheal. You may find yourself wondering if Veriheal is exclusive to a single state or if we have more of a reach. Those are valid questions that we will address because we want you to feel confident in your cannabis decisions.

To begin, let’s look at the numbers. Veriheal, as of May 2019, has registered over 50,000 medical marijuana patients nationwide. That’s right. We work with multiple states to bring medical marijuana to you. Our mission to help you find healing drives us to work with doctors around the country. That way we can bring help and hope to patients, no matter their location. We are always growing our reach, and by partnering with the Americans for Safe Access (ASA), we support lobbying to get laws passed in states where cannabis access is limited or non-existent.

Anthony Dutcher, our Marketing Director, states that 

“we’re beyond humbled to be a part of so many success stories. With regulations constantly changing, it’s important that the people of this country have a go-to source to find information and access to natural medicine.” 

He furthers that 

“we think [this medicine] should be a right of everyone nationwide.” 

With this dedication to promotion and getting the word out that cannabis is not the devil’s lettuce nor a tool for delinquents, and is in fact a powerful natural medicine, Veriheal is set for success.

Dutcher also spoke about the Veriheal team and their commitment to their patients. “Our team has put a lot of focus on putting our patients first, and I think that really shows with our recent surge in expansion across the country.” As Veriheal grows, so do your options. If you are in a state that has access to medical marijuana but you don’t know what to do to get help, get in touch with us. Your state may not support cannabis legalization yet, but we guarantee we are working to help you out regardless. Time is our ally; as it passes, minds change. The more positive promotion that is done, the more these minds change for the better.

To get started, visit this page. Read up on our services provided. Check if your state is covered. If it is, let’s start working together today to better your medicinal needs. If your state isn’t covered yet, don’t panic. Hope lies around the corner. Despite the sometimes-looming darkness of our era, bright lights are always beginning to glow, their luminal reverberations like lanterns in an abyss showing the way towards a new future, a future where natural healing is the norm and the pains caused by profit-driven corporations are secondary. Veriheal hopes to be one of those guiding lights.

If our services have positively affected 50,000 patients so far, just imagine where the future will take us. Coverage will expand, patients will get help, and we will continue our mission to promote the natural benefits of medical marijuana to those in need.

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