Showbox Download Links That Work [Updated]

Showbox is a movie streaming app which allows people to watch their favorite TV shows or movies. The idea behind the app is great, but it promotes piracy which is illegal. I recently tried to download it and when I made a Google search for it, the first result actually wasn’t the real app, it was some app which was loaded with ads and movie database from IMDB.

More than 2 million people around the globe search for this app on a monthly basis. But they fail to get the actual app because of Google trying to hide the app which promotes piracy. Previously, there were websites dedicated to the app which actually allowed people to download the app, but then a subpoena was issued and the owners had to shut down their websites to avoid lawsuits from Movie companies.

After the subpoena, Showbox stopped working. Since then, the search results on Google has always resulted in the fake app which looks similar to it, but isn’t close to Showbox from any point of view. However, after a few months, the app came back and started to work. The Showbox clone currently ranks well on Google search and that’s why many people end up downloading the version which could do more harm than good.

Last week I posted a detailed research about Why does Showbox rule the video streaming industry?” and a lot of people liked it, a few of them contacted me and asked about how can they download the great app when the first page of search results on Google actually includes websites which have the app which is created to steal user data, are loaded with ads and yet don’t work! That’s why I decided to come up with a post which would actually allow people to download the original app and enjoy the content.

Download Links that Actually Work

Disclaimer: The download links mentioned aren’t hosted on our server are no where related to us. They are hosted elsewhere, which also means that we won’t be responsible for any changes to the files that are made after this press time (August 6th, 2019). You also should know that the app promotes piracy and could lead to a legal issue as well. TeckFlock, nor the author will be responsible for anything that happens because of the download, by downloading you accept that you are solely responsible for anything that happens next!

2 thoughts on “Showbox Download Links That Work [Updated]”

  1. We all can’t afford everything that is needed to watch things that we would love to watch and as the industry becomes more diverse, everyone charging fee.
    We go to Showbox

  2. Have show box on three different devices and none of them work. Its been down for a while and I even downloaded and updated the vision still won’t work when will it be up again says server error or temporary down try back later please help me fix this thank you.


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