Instant Pot Wraps To Beautify Your Instant Pot

Majority of the people I know in the United States use the Instant Pot. A few of them also have different models for different purposes. Back in time, one could show it off among neighbors because it was not a very common home appliance, but these days it’s there at almost all houses. Do you own one and want it to stand out of the crowd? Well, this guide is for you!

I was recently browsing Etsy and came across the Instant Wraps store where I saw a few wraps that actually changes the appearance of the Instant Pot. You just have to buy those wraps and stick it on your Instant Pot to make it look different than your neighbors or friends Instant Pot.

To be fair, the stickers are costly and cost between $5-11. The ones which cost $5 are plain have polka dots, heart shapes etc. The ones which cost $11 have different themes such as Star Wars, Wonder woman, and different sceneries which are really beautiful. There are plethora options with different textures, shapes, themes, etc to choose from.

To be exact, there are around 125 wraps to choose from. All of them had something different and really looked great on the display. I grabbed 3 of them for the Instant Pot Max, Instant Pot Ultra and Instant Pot Duo Plus.

While they make your Instant Pot even beautiful, but are they water resistant? Yes, according to the description they are waterproof and won’t leave glue residues when taken out. Isn’t that great? I’m yet to receive the ones I bought, I’ll publish a detailed review about those wraps once I receive them and use them for a while.

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