25 Websites to Stream Sports (Paid and Free)

Watching sports is more than just cheering for your favourite team. It is how you disconnect from everyday life and find meaning in something bigger than yourself. Perhaps that is why it is such a widely loved hobby.

People watch their favorite games in myriads of ways. It is no longer limited to the old-fashioned cable TV and radio, now you can watch it on online streams as well. In the last few years, many services have emerged that provide live streaming of major sports tournaments all over the world.

Part of the reason is that one or the other tournament of football, baseball, cricket, tennis, golf, badminton, wrestling is always being organized in some corner of the world. Whether it is the UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, Italian Serie A, Cricket, Badminton, Rugby, NBA, NFL, or European events like German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, Spanish Primera Division – the streaming sites allow you to watch all the games.

A reliable and easily accessible way of watching sports is always welcomed by sports fanatics. That is why, we have curated this comprehensive list of the best live streaming sources for watching sports online.

To help you get a high-quality streaming experience, Here’s the list of the best 65-inch 4K TVs which are not just smart, but also easy to use and can be connected with the below services (if legal in your country)

It should be noted that watching illegal streams can not only land you in trouble with the law, but also result in a violation of your privacy. They can collect sensitive information from your system and also harm your data. Moreover, judicial systems in many countries have very strict laws against illegal streaming for both the source and the consumer. Therefore, it is good practice to use a VPN and only stream content that has been authorized for the same.

There are many websites that fulfils those conditions and do not come with any legal complications. The below mentioned services either have rights for streaming the content, or simply display links to sources that do. Here are the best free websites for streaming sports without breaking any laws

1. Bosscast

Bosscat is a free website where you can stream sports events and channels without burning a hole in your pocket. There is an inbuilt player on the website which makes it easier for you to stream good quality content.

All the major leagues from UEFA Champions Leagues to Wimbledon are broadcasted free of cost on the website. Moreover, you can also find links for Moto GP, Cricket, Baseball etc. The only issue with the website is advertisements.

Bosscast’s ads are aggressive and they pop up very frequently. Moreover, the one click ads are intrusive and annoying. If you can learn to deal with these ads, things become easier.

However, I would recommend using a VPN service as the site may be blocked in your region and also for your own safety. It’s generally good practice to always use VPN when connecting to such websites.

2. Time4TV

You will be greeted by a pop up as soon as you open Time4TV. After crossing it, you will find TV channels from all around the world. From news to sports, this site has everything. It comes with sixty plus sports channels which include all the major TV networks such as SkySports, BT sports, NFL network, WWE, ESPN sports etc.

All you have to do is to find out the channel broadcasting your game and start streaming your game. Each channel has five to six links to them, in case some of them fail to load. Use VPN, as some of these links may be blocked by your government.

Time4TV is one of the best sources available on the web to watch live TV. Also, it does not require any account information so you can start streaming without any restrictions.

3. Reddit

Reddit itself is not a streaming website but it is one of the greatest maintained communities on the internet. One can find all kinds of stuff on Reddit and this includes various subreddit pages which are dedicated to provide you links to various sports events happening around the globe. These pages have tens of thousands of followers and are updated regularly. Some of these pages are:

  • r/soccerstreams for soccer streams.
  • r/WWEstreams for wrestling streams.
  • r/MMAstreams for mixed martial arts stream.
  • r/puckstreams for hockey streams.

All these subreddits are updated regularly on match days. You can visit them via Google using the key word reddit. These links are not very reliant and could include illegal sources too. Since some of them are unofficial and they can be blocked at any time. It still is one of the easiest ways to find free streams on the internet. Also, Reddit does not throw ads every second when you visit it.

4. Sony Liv

Sony Liv is an Indian streaming website and/or app. It is made exclusively for India and has broadcasting rights for premium sports leagues such as La Liga, Champions Leagues, WWE, FA cup, NFL etc. It has an inbuilt player with almost no advertisements.

All the live competitions/matches are displayed at the front of the website, you simply have to click on them and the website will take you to the live stream without any pop ups. However, there is a drawback. All the streams are delayed by 2-3 minutes if you watch it without any subscription.

If you want to access the website outside India, you must have a VPN with Indian servers to watch the content. It is a great deal, especially looking at the quantity and the quality of the content it offers. If you’re looking for a reliant streaming website, I would surely recommend you take a look at Sony Liv.

5. Hotstar

Hotstar is owned by 21st Century Fox and is a great platform to watch Indian content. You can access it via the app or the website. It streams live content with a maximum five-minute delay. Hotstar offers Cricket, Premier League, Bundesliga, Wimbledon, French Open, US Open, Formula One and more. It also includes all the latest highlights and analysis of your favourite matches.

The user interface is fairly simple and has the website has high definition content. For people living in the subcontinent, Hotstar offers its programs in various regional languages. You can also access Hollywood movies and TV series by subscribing to Hotstar’s premium services.

The Premium subscription is affordable and offers great content such as Game of Thrones, True Detective, Chernobyl etc. Outside India, you will need a VPN with Indian servers to watch all this content. Within the subcontinent, Hotstar is the best place to get top notch Indian programs for free.

6. Loala 1

Loala1 is a streaming website based in Austria. If your country doesn’t have broadcasting rights for the game of your interest, this is the website for you. It has football streams from almost all the leagues around the globe.

Apart from footbal.l this website also hosts men and women tournaments of handball, volleyball, basketball, table tennis etc. There is also an international version of this website which is not region blocked by the company, so you can access it without any issues in your country.

This international version of the website is clutter free and will not disappoint you in any way. So, you can stream the content which is not available over satellite TV.

To make things even better, you can sign up as a premium member and enjoy an ad free experience. As a premium member, you can also personalise the website and receive your daily dose of news and videos from the world of sports.

7. LiveTV.Sx

Links of almost all the sports events happening around the world are available on this sports streaming website. LiveTV does not have any inbuilt media player, as it is a service host for various social media platforms.

However, you can watch any major league or international fixture such as FIFA, UEFA, NBL, NFL for free without any account or subscription issues. This free service does come at a cost as there are tonnes of irritating ads.

LiveTV is available in 11 different languages and English is also one of them. The website also displays live scores and results. There are live odds and other features to help you through it.

Chances are that this website may be blocked by your government so, you might have to use a virtual private network to access it. If you can power through the advertisements, this website will get the job done for you.

8. ESPN Watch

ESPN is short for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. It is a sports streaming website/app for major tournaments. It has all the major leagues like Europa League, MMA, Champions League and even Premier League.

The site is well built and can work even if you have an average internet speed. It broadcasts in more than two hundred countries. On the website, all the scores of the ongoing matches are displayed at the top, and there are separate dedicated sections for news and for other sports.

By choosing ESPN+ you are eligible for all the live events taking place. Since ESPN is a legal streaming service you don’t have to deal with advertisements at all. If you can afford its premium service, it is one of the easiest ways to watch high quality content legally all over the world. Also, you don’t have to worry about any virtual private networks.

9. Now TV

If you are a resident of the United Kingdom, Ireland or Italy, you can access Now TV and watch live sports, movies and other programs on your device. It is available on sixty plus devices which include consoles and Smart TV’s. You can enjoy your favourite programmes on the go without any interruption.

However, the service is paid, you have to shell out approximately ten euros every month. I would recommend you to go for the 14-Day trial period first to ensure if this is the right choice for you. Moreover, the plan is subdivided into various passes for entertainment, kids, sports and cinema. You can simply choose what’s best for your family, so you do not have to pay for the services you do not require.

The sports pass starts just under seven euros which I believe is modest. You can check out their website for more information regarding these plans.

10. Facebook Watch

Facebook is a mixed bag, it has legal rights to stream sports online and also there are various links posted in certain groups which allow you to stream almost all sports events. Last year, Facebook acquired rights to stream La Liga matches and it also has a contract with the MLB to stream at least one game per week.

So, Facebook is still growing in this field. Most of the people have a Facebook account and are familiar with it. All you have to do is hit the search bar and type the match you wish to watch. Now all the legal and illegal streams will open up before you, click on the one with live icon and enjoy the stream.

You can also join some groups regarding the game. More often than not, people post links in these groups and you simply have to click on them to go to the stream. However, these are not very reliant and should be your last resort.

11. Stream Sports

Stream sports is a free streaming service which has links for almost all major tournaments and allows the user to watch the game live using flash player. All the major sports events including those of football, rugby, cricket, tennis etc can be viewed free of cost.

This website may be blocked by your firewall or the internet service provider. So, you have to use a VPN to attain access to these links. It is very easy to find streams once you are on the website as there are no ads, you simply have to click on the stream icon and you can watch the game.

The ad free experience is a joy given they offer free stream. Moreover, they don’t even ask for an account or subscription. Without a doubt, it is one of the best free sports streaming platforms available on the internet.

12. Sportrar.TV

Sportrar collects streams from different places and displays them on a single page. Popular among football fans, it is one of the most reliant websites to get football links. They always provide more than one link for every game, in case some of them fail to work.

You can live stream soccer, cricket, tennis without any account or payment. Apart from popular sports, this website also offers links to less popular games such as Water Polo, Badminton. Athletics, Gymnastics etc. It collects links from all over the internet – even legal platforms such as YouTube to give you the best service.

It is also possible to set the website according to your local time zone which makes it easier for you to track the games you’re interested in. There are ads here and there but they are tolerable given the quality of stream it provides.

13. Fox Go

Fox Go is a website which offers a number of live streams for any sports fanatic. It is specifically for people living in The United States. You can reach it via the app or the official website itself. The app ensures you can stream wherever you are, all you need is to sign in via your TV Provider credentials.

The app and the site have a simple user interface. It only broadcasts shows from Fox Network, like Big Ten Network, Fox Deportes, Fox College sports etc. All the Fox Sports channel are available on the app without any hidden charges.

You can stream National Football League, Bundesliga, Major League Soccer, and Men’s and Women’s World Cup on its range of channels. Apart from the Live TV service, there are highlights and replays sections which are updated regularly after every game. If you miss the game, you can still enjoy it via these highlights.

14. FuboTV

FuboTV is a good alternative to your Cable TV. It is cheaper and more versatile than your traditional cable. You can access it on your desktop, laptop, mobile, iPad, Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, Chromecast etc. It is streamed through the internet, so there are no contracts and you can cancel anytime. All you need is an internet connection with a minimum speed of 5 mbps.

The service has over one hundred plus channels including your favourite sports channels, TV shows, movies and news. It has entire packages of FOX, CBS, NBC, AMC etc. As a new user, you will get seven days of free access and only after the trial has ended, will you be charged for the first month.

Prices are based on the chosen packages plus add ons. Moreover, once you have started your membership, every FuboTv account includes a thirty hours of cloud storage at no extra charge. You can record from one device and watch on other and end on other.

Therefore, FuboTV is one of the best options and will change your viewing experience entirely.

15. Hulu

Hulu started the service of Live TV in 2017. Before 2017, it just dealt with TV shows and infotainment programs. But now it is a unique combination of Netflix and Sling TV while also offering live TV facility to its users. It has CBS, FX, HBO, Hulu Originals plus other seventy plus channels.

You can catch your favourite sports tournaments on ESPN, NBCSN and other channels. These will get the job done for you, but don’t expect too much.

The website has a separate plan for kids, including cartoons and animes. The most popular plan and also the cheapest one starts at six dollars with one month of free trial. However, there are ads in this plan, plus there is no Live TV.

The plan with Live TV starts around forty-five dollars with first month free. The presentation of the website is clutter free and simple. I believe it is worth a try but use your first month wisely before making any long-term commitments.

16. beIN Sports

beIN sports is one of the most powerful and diverse platforms which offers live streaming of popular leagues. It covers everything from qualifying tournaments to finals. Not only does it stream the leagues, but also gives you the latest gossip, highlights, videos etc.

The website has legal rights to stream LaLiga, Americal National Football League, NBA, Champions League, Boxing, EHF, MMA, rugby, MotoGP, MotoAmerica. Whatever you want to watch, chances are it is available on one of their channels. The shows are available in English and Spanish.

beIN has networks in USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia. All you have to do is sign into beIN Connect using your cable details and you are good to go. Apart from cable, you can also access beIN Sports via their official website and app.

If you’re a sports fanatic, you will never miss the biggest match/game if you have beIN Sports at your hand.

17. Cricfree

Cricfree is streaming platform whose main focus is on cricket. It gathers cricket feed mainly from the Sky Sports network. It is a free platform with no charges. Apart from cricket it also streams soccer, tennis, racing and badminton tournaments. You can find links to all major games on Cricfree. Also, there are multiple links to every game in case some of them are faulty.

The site may be blocked in your region so, use VPN networks to access it. Once you click on the links provided for streaming, you will be greeted with many annoying ads. Some of these are very persistent and they don’t go away even when you try to remove them.

If you are not used to dealing with pop-up ads, I would recommend you to stay away from this website. These can really hamper your viewing experience.

18. DAZN

Dazn is a paid service based on subscription. It has digital rights to stream UEFA, FIFA, and La Liga, among other sporting events. Also, it is compatible with gaming consoles, Smart TVs, iPads, iPhones etc. It can be accessed in the United States, Canada, Italy, Austria, Germany, Japan, Spain and Brazil.

You don’t need a cable or satellite to use Dazn. It is best for people who are into MMA fights and boxing matches. You can enjoy live streaming of over 100 Fight nights per year. It has multi device support so you are always ready to watch. Their service comes with a month of free trial which you can cancel anytime without any charges.

The monthly plans cost around twenty dollars a month and the annual plans cost around hundred dollars approx. It does support high definition content, but requires a high-speed internet connection.

Dazn is a must have for all the fight fans as they have exclusive rights for the grandest fights.

19. YouTube TV

It is an over the top content streaming platform available only in the United States. It has ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and other major networks. YouTube TV offers over sixty channels from the US with six separate family member profile.

It is fast, slick and easy to use. It is completely different from the free video service YouTube. It is compatible with numerous smart TVs, tablets and web browsers. You can record your favourite shows and store them for up to nine months on cloud.

Also, you can skip ads when streaming these shows on cloud. However, you can only watch on three accounts simultaneously. All of this is quite expensive as it will cost you around fifty bucks a month.  At this price, it is tough to save money via this over cable TV but you don’t have to pay equipment fees, taxes and other extras.

20. Kodi

Kodi is not a streaming website in itself, but it is a media centre where you can add various addons. It is the ultimate entertainment service, and brings your media to life with beautiful interface.

It is an open source platform available on a variety of devices. You can install it on your PC, Android or Smart TV. All you need to do is install sports Addons like Sport 365 Live, Fox Go and you are good to go. Also, there are other add-ons for movies and tv shows, so it will give you an all-in-one facility with ease.

If you are not sure how Kodi works, search how to install addon on Kodi and follow the instructions. You can play your music, browse through your photos, watch movies/tv shows and play video games, all this in a single app. It is even easier to record Live TV due to its easy to use interface.

Therefore, Kodi could be the solution to all your needs and that too, free of cost.


VIP Box is a free live sports site which redirects you to other sites via links. It does not have its own built-in player and most of the streams are from illegal sources. Bypass the government restrictions using virtual private networks to gain access.

There are tonnes of streams of non-traditional sports as well like Gaelic, Table Tennis, Snooker, Darts, Cycling, Nascar etc. Go check out the website and see for yourself. Apart from these live sports, links of Live TV and some TV Shows are also posted here. However, these are not as reliable as the sports ones but it’s good to have the option.

All the links are accompanied by their pop ups and ads. So, you have to get rid of them to enjoy the stream. VIP Box is a simple website which covers almost all the sports and whose links may or may not work. You should give it a try – after all, it’s free.

22. Sling TV

Sling TV empowers you to ditch Cable TV and go wireless. It is one of the cheapest and the best ways to cut the cable cord. However, it is accessible only in the United States. It offers Live TV which is streamed over the internet. So, you need a reliable internet connection to begin with.

Sling TV is available on iOS, Android and Roku. Plans start at just $25 and you can cancel anytime as there are no contracts. It has two tiers, Orange and Blue, Sling Orange allows you to watch ESPN shows and Sling Blue has Fox Sports and NBC. You can watch on three devices simultaneously with Sling Blue and only on one device with Sling Orange. They also offer cloud storage of thirty days, but you have to pay extra.

The only downside to Sling TV is that it has just fifty channels, and it does not have any Regional Sports Networks. Before finalising, I’d recommend you go through the trial period of seven days.

23. Stream2Watch

Stream2watch hosts links for free Live TV, and it has TV channels from the United Kingdom, US, Canada, Spain and other European countries. Links are posted from unreliable sources, so many of the streams may not work properly. The ads on the site are comparatively less aggressive.

Most of the live channels from US are working properly and are more reliable as compared to the European ones. The website has live football, volleyball, UFC, wrestling, golf, cricket, and other sports. If the website is blocked in your region, use a stable VPN based in The US or in Europe and you are good to go.

All the major tournaments like Champions League, ATP World Tour, FIFA have separate links dedicated to them, so it’s easier to find them. It offers a large number of channels without any subscription or account, so it’s worth checking out.

24. B/R Live

B/R is short for Bleacher Report. It is a streaming service which offers both paid and free sports programmes. It offers free replays and highlights of famous tournaments like NBA, UEFA Champions League, World Arm Wrestling, International Field Hockey, The Dan Patrick Show, Europa League and more.

The app is available, but it nowhere as good as the website and needs improvement. The website is available exclusively in the US. Bleacher Report also displays the latest news and gossips which surround the game. You can even buy tickets of National Football League and NBA games on their website.

Not every website which offers streaming gives you the option to buy tickets on the spot, so this is a good addition. The prices for premium services are a bit higher but it is worth it, looking at the number of shows and live sports which they stream.

25. Ronaldo7.net

As the name suggest,s this website is run by a bunch of Ronaldo fanatics. It offers quality stream for free. However, it only streams European football. As soon as you visit the website the ongoing live matches are displayed at the very front. You just have to click on the game of your choice and you will be redirected to links.

There are tonnes of links available for each game in different languages – ranging from Arabic to Portuguese. Links are activated just fifteen minutes before the game and they are shut down, as soon as the game ends. So there are no after shows.

Links from all over the internet are posted on the website. Some of the common sources are Twitch, beIN sports, YouTube. The platform is simple, but it is bombarded with ads and pop ups. Ads may appear on every click and if you can avoid them successfully, you can enjoy the game.

This is an international website, but if it is blocked in your region use any virtual network to access it.

Why Should You Use a VPN when using such streaming services?

It is an online service that allows you to hide your data while communicating with the web. Such services send your web usage activities to another country using a secure tunnel that provide end-to-end encryption.

In this way, your service provider cannot know what you are doing. By sending your data to another country, a VPN makes it impossible for your ISP to track your behaviour. You can also use VPN to access content that may be blocked in your country by using proxy services.

Privacy issues and data security

A free streaming website with no legal authority to stream the content is always dangerous because of the possibility of data invasion and privacy violation. Such websites can easily result in loss of money as well as infection of system with a virus.

Moreover, free service providers may also be under the watchful gaze of cyber security firms because of the strict laws against illegal streaming. Although it is unheard of for cyber security teams to punish the consumers, it is best to avoid such problems by using a virtual private network.

The Verdict

Illegitimate websites tend to search the interwebs for free live stream sources. As a result, some of the links may be harmful and damage your system. We have endeavoured to find websites that do not harm your data or pose any privacy concerns. However, we don’t have control over the above mentioned sources and can’t guarantee that they’ll not harm your data, but for now these seem to be the legitimate sources to stream your favorite sports!

The above-mentioned sites are free to use and will not cause any data leak. Some of them allow you to watch live streams without any account or subscription, but you also have the choice to get a subscription if you feel like it.

Watch HD content without any headaches and without wasting any money. You may have to encounter irritating ads, but that’s a small price to pay for such benefits.

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