With the Latest Update in the OxygenOS, OnePlus integrates Google Duo in their Phone App

OnePlus Integrates DUO in its Phone App

OnePlus, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer recently updated the OxygenOS. The update focuses on bug fixing, display optimization, system improvements, security patches and deep integrates the Google Duo app inside the default phone app. You’ll be able to access this feature once you’ve upgraded to OxygenOS 9.0.12. This deep integration would allow users to make video …

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Google to allow preloaded apps to get updated via Google Play Store even if the user hasn’t logged into it

Google Play Store

Our Android devices come with so many apps preloaded into them, but the version of the apps won’t always be the latest when you start the device. To update these apps one has to login with his Google account on Google Play Store. But the giant, is now working to be able to provide updates …

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Is Your Xiaomi Phone Getting the MIUI 11 Update?

Is Your Xiaomi Mi Redmi Phone Getting the MIUI 11 Update

Xiaomi, the Chinese company is about to release the MIUI 11. But is your Xiaomi device getting it? Last month, the Xiaomi’s R&D team announced that the work on MIUI 11 has begun. It also shared a few features that they’ll be focusing on. With those features, it was also mentioned that this update will focus more on the visuals. According …

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Apple asks the Developer Program Members to enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Apple 2FA

Cupertino based Apple, recently sent an email to the members of the Developer program. In the email, it asked them to enable two-factor authentication by end of February. Prior to this Apple already made “two-factor” authentication a requirement for the new members. But this is for the existing members who haven’t enabled it yet. The …

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Apple Assigned Frank Casanova as a Head of Marketing for Apple’s AR division

Apple Re-Assigned Frank Casanova as a Lead of Product Marketing for Apple's AR Division

For many of us, AR is Pokémon Move and little else. However, for Apple, it is a Significant part of the organization’s future. Apple recently assigned Frank Casanova, former direct for iPhone Partner Marketing, right into a brand new function: Head of Product Marketing to AR, Bloomberg reported Tuesday. Casanova altered his LinkedIn profile bio …

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Showbox is Back, But why did it stop working?

Showbox is Back, But why did it stop working

A few months back a subpoena was served to a few websites which allowed people to download Showbox. The website owners were left with no option other than taking down their websites. Just for a fact, more than 2 million people search for this app on the internet. While being able to watch their favorite …

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